[PREMIERE] Milk Skin – Syrupy

Are we living in the age of the collaboration? It seems that in 2016 nobody is happy just being in one band, they’ve got to be in twelve or thirty-seven. That’s a rough estimate at the number of bands that the various members of Milk Skin are in; a collaboration primarily between Laura K (Tigercats) and Tom W (Owl & Mouse) they’re joined on their debut release by the talented pair of music phenomena,  Jonny “Huddersfield” Helm (Wave Pictures) and Paul “Thunder” Rains (Allo Darlin’). An impressive collection of names, that thankfully results in equally impressive music, as showcased by the track we’re premiering today, Syrupy.


Syrupy in many lives up to its title, it begins life as a thick viscous sonic soup, waves of organs gently caressed into motion by rolling bass lines and the steady kraut-rock tick of the drum beats. Even Laura and Tom’s perfectly contrasting vocals are mixed into the main body of the track, Laura repeating the fitting line, “don’t you wanna get out” as her voice struggles to be heard above the instruments around her. Gently though details emerge and reveal themselves; the burbling notes of an aquatic-synth crackled and pop like air-bubbles escaping the treacly gloom, then Tom’s guitar cuts through the soundscape like a knife, lifting the track to its driving pop-tinged finale.

Syrupy is all the more impressive for featuring on the bands first ever release, a 7″ that features as part of wiaiwya (Where It’s At Is Where You Are)’s 2016 singles club, a series of debut vinyl releases from the best new talent on the Indie-Pop scene. The whole set will be available in a handy red 7″ bag in time (and suitable colour) for Christmas, and also features the likes of Deerful, Hate Week and Citizen Helene.

Syrupy/Space Race is out today, click HERE for details and to buy your copy.

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