Five Things We Liked This Week – 07/10/2016

Further Listening: Smerz, Terry Malts, Weyes Blood, Fascinations Grand Chorus, Lunacre, Casper Skulls, His Name Is Alive, Julia Jacklin, Anna Atkinson, Suburban Living, Idles, Lambchop, Mutual BenefitHilma NikolaisenPlume Of FeathersYoung Romance, PschPshit, Summer Moon, all boy/all girl, Case Conrad, Hazel English, Matt Berry, Laughed The Boy, Honeyblood and a beautiful neo-classical offering from Roger Goula.

5. The Tuts Raging Like It’s 1982

The Tuts are a politically impassioned pop-punk trio from West London. They recently released their debut album, Update Your Brain, which tackled themes of politics, rubbish boyfriends, sexism and the power of friendship. This week the band have shared their latest single, 1982.

1982 is a thumb in the eye of the old fashioned music industry, and in particular a manager they signed with when he promised them the world, but ended up providing them with little more than hot air and negativity; they cut to the bone here with the painful put down of their out of touch gaffer, “I knew everyone….in 1982.” What lifts the music of The Tuts above simplistic raging, is just how much fun they seem to have doing everything, they’re DIY in the best possible sense, and seem to love doing, well everything! The Tuts have suggested their aims for this album are nothing short than world domination, and listening to this track, you wouldn’t put it past them.

Update Your Brain is self-released and out now, click HERE for details.

4. Monomyth Get A New Lease Of Life

Self-declared as, “Canada’s leading purveyors of mid-fi anthemic bedroom pop”, Halifax based quartet, Monomyth are set to release their second album next month. The excellently titled, Happy Pop Family! is coming out through Mint Records, and the band have this week shared the latest track from it, RE: Lease Of Life (Place 2 Go).

Baffling title aside, RE: Lease Of Life (Place 2 Go) is a fantastic introduction to the sound of Monomyth; an intriguing blend of influences, it combines the harmonious jangle of The Byrds, with the low-key lyricism of Jeffrey Lewis and the vocal stylings of Stephen Malkmus. Monomyth have rather wonderfully described Happy Pop Family! as, “delicately balancing like Charlie Chaplin on a taut guitar cable between innocence and experience” now if the music’s as good as the description it should be very special.

Happy Pop Family is out November 4th via Mint Records. Monomyth’s only have one upcoming date in Halifax, Nova Scotia, click HERE for details.

3. Drowning At Menace Beach

Menace Beach, the Leeds based duo of Ryan Needham and Liza Violet, have this week announced details of their second album, Lemon Memory, due early next year, although we must admit thinking about albums coming out in 2017 makes our heads hurt a little. More palatable news came in the sharing of a brand new, and brilliant, single, Maybe We’ll Drown.

Lemon Memory is the follow up to their excellent 2015 debut, Ratworld. Discussing their ambitions for the record, Liza notes, “The one ‘rule’ thing we went into the album session with was to keep in mind that sometimes doing The Opposite is much more interesting.” Maybe We’ll Drown certainly sounds very little like the 90’s-slacker rock of their debut; fusing the staccato rhythms of Cate Le Bon with the wonky organ sound of The Horrors, Menace Beach create a claustrophobic, almost aquatic soundscape, matched neatly by the songs repeated lyric, “maybe we’ll drown, maybe we’ll all drown.” A hugely promising return, Lemon Memory is shaping up to be an intriguing departure for a band who just seem to get more interesting with each new track; it’s also going to have a scratch and sniff cover, so it could be the best smelling and best sounding release of, gulp, 2017.

Lemon Memory is out January 20th via Memphis Industries. Menace Beach tour the UK in February, click HERE for details.

2. Thought Forth Wanderers Were A Football Team? Now you Know Better

Named, for some reason, after a Scottish Junior Football team, Forth Wanderers are five, very young and very talented friends from Montclair in New Jersey. Formed initially because the bands main songwriter Ben Guterl had a crush on singer Ava Trilling and sent her a demo tape to try and impress her (he failed), thankfully the music is better than the flirting. The band are set to release their debut EP next month, and this week shared the latest track from it, Know Better.

Following hot on the heels of the EP’s excellent title track, Slop, Know Better is arguably even better. Sounding a bit like a less hyperactive Weaves, Know Better tells a tale of learning from your mistakes and becoming a better person, the chiming chorus repeatedly noting, “I can’t be this naive anymore.” The track flows into a bruising outro of chiming guitars and muscular drum hits, Ava concluding, “I need to grow up.” Early days but for a band now even all out of their teenage years, Forth Wanderers seem to have arrived into the world perfectly formed, and very exciting indeed.

Slop EP is out November 11th via Father/Daughter (US) & House Anxiety / Marathon Artists (UK). Forth Wanderes play a handful of US dates, click HERE for details.

1. Your Mother Told You Girl Ray Were Trouble

London trio, Girl Ray and Moshi Moshi is such an excellent match that we must admit we already thought they’d signed to them before they announced they had. Something about their slightly wonky take on sweet pop bangers just seemed to fit perfectly into the Moshi Moshi blueprint. Next month they’ll be teaming up with the label to release their debut physical release, the 7″ of new single Trouble, which the band streamed this week.

Trouble is built around a pronounced, shuffling bass-line and lead-singer, Poppy Hankin’s entirely unique vocal, which is joined on occasion by some perfectly judged, spine-shiveringly beautiful three-part harmonies. Girl Ray have suggested the track is about apathy and “hating yourself for trying to win pointless arguments”, as documented in the lyric, “I’ve become such a horrible thing, in a fight where nobody should win.” This might be just their second single, but Girl Ray are so entirely exciting, fresh and despite nods to the likes of Cate Le Bon, Moldy Peaches and Meilyr Jones, they really sound like nobody other than Girl Ray.

Trouble is out November 25th via Moshi Moshi. Girl Ray tour the UK later this month, click HERE for details.

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