[PREMIERE] Karen Meat – 6-18-16

Karen Meat only formed two years ago, but the Des Moines slacker pop band, ostensibly a solo project from front woman Arin Eaton, are already showing that they’re anything but slackers. Last year saw the release of debut album, Karen Meat & The Computer, which Arin already followed up this year with one well received EP, On The Couch, and next month will see the release of their third EP, She’s Drunk Like The Rest Of Us. Today we’re delighted to share a new track from that record, the enigmatically titled, 6-18-16.


Set for self-release next month, She’s Drunk The Like The Rest Of Us is the product of a fruitful collaboration between Arin, and her friend and producer Dana T, who produced, arranged and recorded all of the tracks.

The track we’re premiering today, 6-18-16 is an intriguing taste of the record to come. The track builds from skittering electronic pulses, before, over a bed of drum machines and rich organs, Arin’s multi-tracked vocal chimes in, “why do you think the world evolves around you? Why do you do the things you know you shouldn’t do? I’ve got anxieties and I cope with it by drinking…every day.”  From there guitars enter driving the track forwards, as musical ideas drift in and out of earshot, before the whole thing collapses into the discordant fade of an outro. Recalling the likes of Frankie Cosmos or a more ragged Patience, 6-18-16 may not even last for two minutes but it’s a fascinating hint at the direction Karen Meat’s music is heading in next.

She’s Drunk Like The Rest Of Us is out November 9th – you can order it HERE. Click HERE for all upcoming Karen Meat dates.

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