Songs That Get Me Through Long Drives – A Mixtape by Froth

We have to admit we don’t often feel sorry for bands; making records, playing live, seeing the world and being provided with all the humus and carrot sticks you could possibly dream of: for the most part being in a band is living the dream. That said, as anyone who’s lived out of the back of a van for a week or more will tell you, going up and down soulless motorways for days and days on end isn’t quite the glamorous orgy of good times that people would have you believe.


One band who know a thing or two about the open road are Los Angeles’ Froth. Formed in 2013, Froth first came to the world’s attention with their debut album, Patterns, which started as a small-run cassette release and soon prompted a vinyl re-issue. The band returned with 2015’s sophomore effort Bleak, which saw them tour all across Europe, and America, as well as catching the attention of Wichita Recordings.

Early in 2017, Wichita will put out Froth’s third album, the enigmatically titled Outside (Briefly). As showcased on the bands storming recent Hookworms-like single, Contact, Outside (Briefly) seems to be taking Froth’s sound in new directions. While Froth’s previous output was marked by fuzzy, reverberating noise, Outside (Briefly) sees them peel back the layers to reveal the beautiful melodies below, whether it’s the Elliot Smith like melancholy of Shut The Windows or the Sparklehorse tinged minimalism of Petals. Of course the shoegazing soundscapes and driving, kraut-rock inspired beats remain key reference points; but more than ever, Froth sound like a band not afraid of revealing the tune at the heart of the song.

Today the quartet have picked out some of the tracks that keep them sane on those long van journeys around the world, taking in old favourites and some brand new discoveries. You can check them out below, and if you happen to be in London, you can catch Froth on their latest tour stop tonight at Hackney’s Moth Club.

1. Women – Eyesore

2. Holy Wave – Son of Sound 2

Jeremy: I’ve made tons of playlists for sitting in the back of the van or driving the van on tour but these 2 songs always make it on every playlist I’ve made. Women’s songwriting always blew me away but this song especially always makes me wonder how someone could come up with all those chords and changes. Holy Waves “Son of Sound 2” is a drony jam that could keep going forever and id never get sick of it

3. The Beatles – I’m So Tired

Joojoo: When I was in elementary school, there were only two cd’s in my dads car. There was an Eagles best of and the white album and I always thought the Eagles were kind of annoying so I listened to the white album every time I was in the car.

4. Heathered Pearls – Abandoned Mall Utopia

Joojoo: Just found out about them right before this tour we’re on and I must have listened to this song in my headphones on every flight and car ride so far.

5. The Strokes – Whatever Happened

Cameron: The Strokes are the first band I fell in love with. They’re the only band I could listen to every day and never get sick of. Especially this song. Definitely one of my all time favorites.

6. Colleen Green – Deeper Than Love

Cameron: I’ve been playing this song every day since I first heard it. The lyrics are so honest and you really feel connected to her while she’s singing. It’s such a simple, repetitive song but somehow never gets boring. Colleen is also super chill and a badass musician!

7. Vinyl Williams – L’Quasar

Nick: When I know I have to drive for a long time, I like to load up my phone with music I’ve never heard. Brunei is an album that is still fairly new and fresh to my ears. it’s also fun to listen to and pick apart on so many levels.

8. Bob Dylan – Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues

Nick: It doesn’t matter whether I am going up the coast or to the store. this song plays in my car at least twice a day and always will.

Outside (Briefly) is out February 10th via Wichita Recordings. Froth play Moth Club in Hackney tonight, click HERE for details.

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