Five Things We Liked This Week – 02/12/2016

Further Listening: Cate Le Bon, Actrese, Bruising, BE, John Southworth, Silver Rose, Skyway Man, Wild Pink, Tim Carr, The Wharves, Peter Broderick, Seeing Hands, The Linedots, Bruiser Queen, Deep Throat Choir, Tim Darcy, Dead Naked Hippies, Laura Marling, Jenn Grant, Holly Macve, Robbing Millions, Sewage Farm, Dear Reader, The Wave PicturesUltimate Painting, The Velveteins, Sports, Sam Skinner, Rebel Kind, Peter Silberman, Wilderado and Fightmilk’s superb Christmas single.

5. Paperhead Give Us Something To Chew On

In the age of universal connectivity, Paperhead are a reassuringly hard band to find any information about. With their new album, Chew, due next year on the ever reliable Trouble In Mind Records, Nashville’s best kept secret are unlikely to remain that way for long.

Ahead of that release Paperhead have this week shared new single, Dama De Lavanda. Pitched somewhere between the bedroom indie of Pete Astor or Ultimate Painting and something altogether more psychedelic, Dama De Lavanda is a fascinating piece of music. A steady pulse of rhythmic acoustic guitars, Latin  horn embellishments and twanging electric guitars take you on a journey part experimental Beatles, part Spaghetti Western, and utterly compelling. Stunning stuff from a band who remain intriguingly difficult to pin down, but might just be one of 2017’s shining lights.

Chew is out February 17th via Trouble In Mind.

4. New Reid

Proving that Australia isn’t the only Oceanic island capable of producing a surprising array of alt-country and Americana, is New Zealander, Nadia Reid. Early next year, Nadia will release Preservations, the follow-up to 2015’s debut, Listen to Formation, Look for the Signs, this week ahead of the release she’s shared her new single, The Arrow & The Aim.

The Arrow & The Aim walks a path through deathly, gothic-country, this track takes Nadia’s music into considerably more expansive territory than fans of her previous output might imagine. The chorus is huge, a swell of bombastic percussion, huge soaring guitar solos and constant naggingly beautiful piano chords; it’s pitched perfectly in the beautiful middle ground of Bill Callahan and Marissa Nadler. Whether this marks a departure in grandiose and intriguing new realms, or just serves as a stand-alone moment of darkness in an album of quiet beauty, well we can’t wait to find out.

Preservations is out March 3rd via Basin Rock. Nadia Reid tours Europe in February, click HERE for details.

3. Stove Offer A Blank Canvas

Ex-Ovlov man Steve Hartlett wrote so many songs following the demise of his old band that he basically can’t stop releasing music. Stove, his solo project, now expanded to a four piece band have already released an EP and an album this year, but are still finding time to squeeze in a new release before the year is up. The intriguing titled EP, Is The Meat That Fell Out, is out next week through Exploding In Sound Records.

This week Stove have shared a taste of that record in the shape of new single Blank. Written not by Steve, but by drummer and vocalist, Jordyn Blakely, Blank is a lackadaisical slice of lo-fi pop, marking them out as contemporaries of fellow newcomers Forth Wanderers or Karen Meat. Musically, it’s a winning blend of gentle vocal, fuzzy rhythmic guitars and steady drum tick, equal parts compelling and meandering, its unfussily beautiful. Stove are strong contenders for 2016’s most busy band, who knows how many records we’ll get from the hard-working Connecticutians next year.

Is The Meat That Fell Out is out December 9th via Exploding In Sound Records.

2. Serving Suggestions For Chicken

So fluid are line ups on the current London DIY-Scene it’s hard to say where bands begin, supergroups end and side projects collide. A fine example of the fluid movement of band members are Suggested Friends, formed in 2015 they consist of members of Wolf Girl, Chorusgirl, and Cat Apostrophe – which is an excellent starting point we’re sure you’ll agree.

This week the band have shared the video for new single Chicken, which will be released early next year as part of the Odd Box Records 100 Club. Chicken is a track that lurches and swells, from gentle, fuzzy verses Tuff Love or Sacred Paws would be proud of through to a humongous distorting laden chorus, and even fits in an almost acapella section, all in just over two minutes. A shot of pure musical adrenaline, this sort of no messing pop-banger suggests Suggested Friends might have a very bright future ahead of them.

Chicken is out February 24th via Odd Box Records. 

1. Say Allo’, Wave Goodbye

It’s not often that you have the task of discussing a band who are splitting up releasing a single on a label that’s about to stop functioning, in promotion of some shows that are already sold out, which will be the only place you can buy it. Then we guess Allo Darlin’ have never been a normal band.

Allo Darlin’ have released three albums, gaining cult status and critical acclaim, but six years on from their self-titled debut, the Anglo-Australian quartet’s run will come to an end with their final show, at Koko in London on December 11th. Ahead of that the band have shared a farewell single Hymn On The 45. In typical Allo Darlin’ style, Hymn On The 45 is a track that’s instantaneous hook grabs you, but only unfurls its beautiful details over repeat listens; the gorgeous opening organ than nods to Camera Obscura, the full-blown horn section on the outro, Paul Rains’ shimmering guitar tones, and the doubt fuelled lyrics about not wanting to grow up and learning to accept you might always be a lovable failure. Like so much they’ve done it’s progressive, literate and wonderful pop music; a band who might never have quite joined the mainstream, but remain so utterly adored by their loyal fanbase. The best compliment you can pay Hymn On The 45 is that it’s a fitting way to say goodbye – Turn it up baby!

Hymn On The 45 will be available exclusively via Fortuna Pop/The Hangover Lounge at Allo Darlin’s sold out London Shows.


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