[PREMIERE] Fightmilk – It’s Only Christmas (Cheer Up You Moody Prick)

We’ve spent most of November declaring anything Christmassy as far too early, we think mulling any drink is a waste of perfectly good booze and we hate Wham; so we’d perhaps forgive you for assuming we’re miserable buggers who hate the season of good will to all men. That’s not true though, Mince Pies are great, Port is the full fat version of wine we’ve always wanted and Noddy Holder screaming, “It’s Christmas” or The Ronettes cooing their way through Sleigh Ride is pretty much guaranteed to have us declaring Christmas a bloody good idea indeed.

Whilst it’s almost law that every band have at least a half decent bash at a Christmas song, one band who seem to have really channeled the slightly-sloshed Birthday spirit of the Baby Jesus himself are London-quartet Fightmilk. Having released one of our favourite EP’s of the year, not only have Fightmilk put together a brilliant Christmas single, they’ve also called it It’s Only Christmas (Cheer Up You Moody Prick) and they’re giving all the profits to the good people at Shelter (more info here).

keira cullinane fightmilk live shot

It’s Only Christmas (Cheer Up You Moody Prick) is a barbed assault at the try hard Christmas haters, whether they’re, “the kind of guy who says that Die Hard is his favourite Christmas movie” or that guy who doesn’t “like Wham” (ahem) – ultimately they conclude, “why don’t you deck the halls with your self pity? You’re not impressing anyone.” Musically, it’s a sassy stomper equal parts The Darkness and yes even Sir Noddy Holder and The Slades. It’s even got a sax solo based around Jingle Bells – sure it’ll sound daft in January but no matter how much you try to resit, Fightmilk will goad a smile out of even the most Scroogey of Christmas cynics – “cheer up you moody prick, cheer up for old Saint Nick.”

Today we’re delighted to share the accompanying video, which is essentially Feeder’s Just A Day, re-imagined in a boozier, more Christmassy fashion, and featuring some truly wonderful dance moves – now put on that Santa hat, get the air saxophone at the ready and check it out below.

The Fight Before Christmas is out now with all profits going to Shelter – click HERE to download the EP now.

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