[PREMIERE] Yours – Between Us

Yours are the London-based electronic duo of Joe Edwards and James Melaugh. The pair have set out with the ambitious goals of adding a personal narrative and depth to their distinctive take on electronic music. The music Yours makes tackles the slow-burning anxiety and lack of progress that adulthood challenges us all to confront, as well as questioning the benefits of the escapism provided by the constant choices on offer through modern technology, be it on-demand television or the endless news feed of social media.

Between Us Artwork

This week Yours have shared the latest taste of their sound, in the shape of their brand new single, Between Us, which is due out this Friday through Tiny Hits. Between Us builds slowly; a pulsing low-end synth, cut through with stabs of higher pitched electronics, complex processed percussion and a knowingly low-key vocal. Across its four minutes, Between Us is a track that impresses with its subtle evolution, in contrast to the arresting drops or aggressive crescendos more emblematic of the genre. Whether this is a stand-alone single or a taster of an album to come, well, Yours are playing their cards close to their chest, but they will be celebrating the singles release with a live show at the delightfully unfussily named The Millers Pub in London in February, you can find out more about that show, and check out the new single below.

Between Us is out January 13th via Tiny Hits. Click HERE for details of Yours upcoming London show.

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