[PREMIERE] Year Of Birds – Fat/Electrons/Damp Punts

Year Of Birds might well be new to many of us, but the Teeside post-punks are anything but new kids of the block. The band formed a number of years back, and to date have a back catalogue that includes, (deep breath) four 12”s, three 7”s, six tapes, four CDs and a few downloads, plus “a million tracks on a million compilations”. Despite the mammoth back catalogue, their upcoming album, White Death To Power Alan, is for a number of reasons their most tantalising offering to date. The album is their first as a three-piece (although they’ve added a new member already), their first attempt to write an album not just a collection of tracks, and their first album that was recorded in more than one day – which despite being recorded in their practice room on a £30 microphone is by their standards pretty much Neil Young levels of sonic perfectionism.


Today we’re delighted to share a taste of Year Of Birds’ upcoming album, in the shape of not one, not two, but three brand new videos. These three tracks showcase a band more focused than ever before and a touch more accessible, but still very much a big noisy lo-fi thrill. Electrons is infused with the same anxious, jittering energy that bands like Sauna Youth and Primitive Parts borrowed from the early days of punk, while Damp Punts sounds like an even more angry, noisy version of The Fall at their most angry and noisy. Our favourite of the three is Fat, which slows down their usual punk-blast, adds some pulsing electronics, and comes out sounding like the middle ground of an English Arab Strap, and Tom Waits’ What’s He Building In There, if it was set in a restaurant, and a little too obsessed by size of a customer’s fingers. These three tracks serve as a fascinating amuse-bouche of the upcoming intrigue of White Death To Power Alan, and we’ll see about dessert later.

White Death To Power Alan is out March 17th via Odd Box Records. Click HERE for more information and to order your copy.

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