[PREMIERE] The Whooperups – Latent Teenage Fantasy

So entwined are bands within the current London DIY-scene, the words super-group and side-project have become almost redundant, while attempting to remember who’s in what band is almost not worth your time. That said, one band name well worth remembering is The Whooperups; formed by the chance meeting of Anna Cory (The Spook School) and Camille Fry (Charla Fantasma). Both wanting to try their hand at something different to their other bands, they recruited Becky Healey (Wolf Girl) and set about writing the tracks that would make up their debut EP. That release, Sensible Daydreams, is out tomorrow on the London-based label Everything Sucks, and today we’re premiering a new track from that release, Latent Teenage Fantasy.


The Whooperups have suggested their aim is to make, “ugly pop music”, and Latent Teenage Fantasy is a fine example. The guitars are ragged and scuzzy, the drums loose and pounding; but in the delightful two-voice harmonies, and perfect melodies, it remains unquestionably a pop song. Lyrically it seems to sit reflectively, questioning whether all that teenage heart-ache was even real, as, out of a delightfully fuzzy guitar breakdown, Becky and Anna chime wistfully in unison, “if I never liked you, what if I never liked you? If I never liked you, then what did I ever like?” Discussing the track, Becky has suggested, 
“Latent Teenage Fantasy is about changing your mind about an ambition, or a subject you’re interested in, or a relationship, or your identity shifting in some way, and wondering – if I don’t feel that way now, how can I know for sure I ever felt like that?” 

In further news, the rest of the EP is equally excellent; four tracks of solid jangling, indie-pop goodness. Those, like us, still missing Veronica Falls might just have found their new favourite band. Side-project, pah, The Whooperups are a fine band in their own right and this is one of the most promising debut releases you’ll hear all year.

Sensible Daydreams is out tomorrow via Everything Sucks Music – you can pre-order it here. The Whooperups are on tour with Wolf Girl (check out their new single now via the wonderful Gold Flake Paint) starting this weekend, with dates in Leeds, London, Cardiff and Bristol – click HERE for all the details.

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