[PREMIERE] Slow Decades – Faded Glamour

Rewind a few years to the late-noughties and you’d have found an awful lot of bands dabbling at the meeting ground of melodic chamber-pop and indie. In the desperation to find, “the next Arcade Fire”, the market became a little saturated, and eventually the worlds-eye moved on to musical pastures new. But what happens to the many, and often excellent, bands who get left behind?

One band showing there’s still a wealth of life in melodic, sophisticated indie-pop is Newcastle’s Slow Decades. The band, who released their debut album, The Frost & The Concrete, back in 2014, deal in lush and perfectly crafted musical soundscapes. The band are currently building up to their overdue return, with a new album, Hinterlands, due out later this month, and today we’re sharing their latest track, Faded Glamour.


Faded Glamour builds around muted, distant acoustics, searing pulses of electric-guitars and rolling The National-like drums. Latterly sweet stabs of piano and rolling organs enter, a perfect accompaniment to singer Ben Lowes-Smith’s rich, downbeat vocal. The outro incorporates a menacing build of dystopian electronics as the whole track builds to a clattering crescendo. Discussing the lyrical content of the song, band member Ben Lowes-Smith describes Faded Glamour as, “a meditation on the disorientating, overwhelming urban environments we live and work in, a celebration of sensory overload”.  The heyday of indie-rock may have faded like a once glamourous English seaside resort, but as Slow Decades show there’s life in the old dog yet.

Slow Decades self-release Hinterland on March 20th. Click HERE for more information on the release and upcoming Slow Decades shows.


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