[PREMIERE] Finnmark! – Going Nowhere

Excellent Canadian bedroom-pop label, Fallen Love Records have just released Secret Gardens, a compilation inspired by spring featuring the likes of Songs By Thom, Blimp Rock and Leeds’ Finnmark! – whose video we’re premiering here today.


The Scandinavian and cycling obsessed Indie-poppers, fronted by former Just Handshakes bassist Edward Forth, have been quietly putting out excellent music since 2013. Going Nowhere marks their first new material, a one-off single about cycling aside, since 2015’s album Things Always Change. Discussing the inspiration behind the track, Edward suggests it, “is a song about appreciating what you have, and making the best of it”. It’s a track about being okay with not fitting into the age-related norms society expects from you, and “not worrying, enjoying your life and your choices and feeling at home in your own little world”. Musically it’s something of a shift for Finnmark!, as it builds around a rumbling Joy Division-like bass line, minimal drum pulse and gorgeous jangling guitars that bring to mind the likes of Expert Alterations or Real Numbers. 

The accompanying video stems from, “a huge interest in social housing and tower blocks”. While tower blocks get something of a bad rap, seen as ugly, uncaring places, Edward is actually a big fan, “to me they are a thing of great hope and beauty. Simple housing for normal people. All of the buildings in the video are everyday sights for me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The video relates to the song in the way that it is about seeing the beauty in the everyday, and appreciating what you have”. Here’s to those beautiful, brutal monoliths and the hopes and dreams of the people who live in them.

While a video full of tower blocks and a song seemingly about achieving nothing, Going Nowhere might seem somewhat downbeat, however Edward is quick to suggest he sees this track as anything but melancholy. “Some might see the title of the song and look at the video and think it is down and depressing, but to me it is the absolute opposite. To be going nowhere is a wonderful state to be in”. A song for all those treading water, and surviving, sometimes going nowhere is an achievement in its own right.

Secret Gardens is out now via Fallen Love Records. Click HERE for more information, and visit Finnmark! HERE.

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