[PREMIERE] Schande – It’s Recently Come To My Attention

We first came across Jen Schande out of a desire to shelter from the rain at Indietracks back in 2015. Jen’s intimate solo, acoustic set on a moving steam train was certainly charming, but also quite a long way removed from the considerably more noisy music Jen makes with her band Schande. Formed initially as a solo project back in the early 2000’s, Schande have been something of an on-off project as Jen moved back and forth across the Atlantic, with members of the band coming and going on a fairly regular basis. Jen returned to London in 2013, and after spending a period touring solo, has now put together a three-piece band also featuring drummer Jeremy Sheppard and bassist Giovanni Villaraut.

Schande are set to release a new EP, I Wrote That, on For The Sake Of Tapes and to celebrate it now being available to pre-order, today we’re sharing the first taste of the record, It’s Recently Come To My Attention.


Describing the sound of Schande, Jen has suggested, “we’re not story tellers- the music is a landscape where literal meaning is irrelevant”. Which would suggest reading too much into their words is perhaps a futile exercise, yet this is still music that has plenty to say. From the opening assault of clattering cymbals, to the energetic blast of guitar, this music sucks you in and drags you back to the early 1990’s heyday of alt-rock. There’s nods to the likes of The Breeders or Sonic Youth at their most accessible, whilst the distorted vocal brings to mind Liz Phair or Coleen Green.

A hugely promising return, with tours and festival dates both here and in the US, it’s already looking like a huge year for the latest incarnation of Schande, a band who’ve arguably never sounded more exciting.

I Wrote That is out May 16th via For The Sake Of Tapes – and you can pre-order it HERE. Click HERE for more information on Schande.

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