[VIDEO PREMIERE] Clémentine March – Terrain Vague

France born Londoner Clémentine March is an unquestionably fascinating prospect. Clémentine was classically trained in Brazil, an experience which infuses her music with both a Latin sensibility and an experimental classical edge. Clémentine is set to release her debut EP, Les Etoiles à Ma Porte, next month, and today we’re premiering the video to her debut single, Terrain Vague.

DSCF7007 (1)
Self portrait from the Moth Club Photo Booth / Header image by Charles Henry

The self-directed video was shot in Clémentine’s home neighbourhood of Peckham Rye, and, with all due respect to Southwark Council, makes the place look a lot more interesting than we remember it looking. The rapidly cut images serving to showcase an ability to spot the beauty in the most mundane of items.

Beginning with a lightly jazzy flourish of guitar, Terrain Vague picks up with a touch of Stanley Brinks-like minimal guitar exploration, before Clémentine’s vocal enters. The comparisons to Nico are as inevitable as they are accurate. Latterly the guitar is joined by loose, sometimes booming percussion, and frankly weird, but wonderful, electronic pulses that could easily be the work of a stylophone. While our French is far too rudimentary to interpret what the track is about, Clémentine has suggested it’s an exploration of, “both love lost and new beginnings, melancholy and hope”, and undeniably there’s a gentle wistfulness to her voice that would marry nicely with that idea. You can experience more of Clémentine’s musical stylings later this month when she performs at Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston, based on this it’s going to be fascinating to see where Clémentine’s music takes us next.

Les Etoiles à Ma Porte is out June 2nd . Click HERE for more information on Clémentine March.

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