[PREMIERE] Sam Goodwill – Oxygen

Sam Goodwill, or Sam Buonavolontà if you don’t translate his name from Italian, is a songwriter, singer, sound engineer and producer based out of Youngstown in Ohio. He recently toured the UK with Brendon Massei, aka Viking Moses, and while staying at Song, By Toad’s HQ during the Edinburgh leg of the tour, the duo recorded one track each for a Split 7″ single. That single will see the light of day this Friday, and ahead of that we’re sharing a live version of Sam Goodwill’s contribution, Oxygen.

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Header photo by Nic Rue – http://nicrue.co.uk/ // Artwork by David Pokrivnak – davidjpokrivnak.com

This live version showcases Oxygen as a song of subtle beauty; atop a heart-beat like processed bass-drum, Sam picks out sweet chords of swelling organ, before the vocal enters. Pitched somewhere between Nick Cave and Dan Bejar, Sam’s voice is somehow at once booming and cracking. As he sings of, “the endless pursuit of unconditional love”, he manages to ring every ounce of emotion out of his wavering vocal chords: it’s a truly remarkable performance.

Like so much music there’s a tale of fortune behind the track, as Sam explains, “I didn’t know it at the time but I was about four days away from completely losing my voice when we recorded ‘Oxygen’. It is probably the rawest recording I’ve ever released”.  Sam goes on to explain how working with the limitations of a very new song and a somewhat ill singer, resulted in something very real, perfectly flawed and worth capturing.

Discussing the split single, Song, By Toad label boss Matthew Young notes, “It’s not commercial, it’s music made for fun, for sociable reasons, and just because we enjoy it. And this makes me happy”. If there’s a better, more honest, reason for putting out a record, well we haven’t heard it yet.

Sam Goodwill’s split 7″ with Viking Moses is out May 19th via Song, By Toad. Click HERE for further information and all upcoming Sam Goodwill shows.

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