[PREMIERE] Good Morning Midnight – Burial Ground/Breeding Ground Pt. 1

Good Morning Midnight is the solo project of 19 year old songwriter Charlie Cacciatore. A resident of Iowa City, Charlie has spent most of the last eighteen months of his life touring up and down America in preparation for the release of his debut album, Basket Of Flowers. That record, engineered by Luke Tweedy (William Elliott Whitmore, Dirty Beaches), will see the light of day next month, and ahead of that we’re premiering the latest track from it, the snappily titled, Burial Ground / Breeding Ground Pt.1.

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Photo courtesy of Nat Nicholson

Musically, Burial Ground/Breeding Ground Pt.1 seems to exist in the dark corners of 1990’s alt-rock. The drum beat nods to Guero-era Beck, while the wobbly, slacker guitar meandering hints at an appreciation of Pavement or The Lemonheads. With a minute to go the track nose dives in the delightfully chaotic, as loose a-rhythmic drums and feedback drenched guitars squall majestically. The album which the single is lifted from, Basket Of Flowers, is a varied and intriguing prospect, the sound of a young artist finding his feet and hinting at the multitude of directions his music could go in next: and there’s simply no more exciting place to be than that.

Basket Of Flowers is out July 21st via Nova Labs. Click HERE for more information on Good Morning Midnight.

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