[VIDEO PREMIERE] Good Morning – To Be Won

Good Morning are the Melbourne-duo of Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons. The pair met in high school, formed a band, bought a Foxtex 4 track tape machine and the rest, as they say, is history. Good Morning have released two, in their own words, “mildly received” EPs and a handful of “similarly received singles”. The band have now been picked up by Melbourne based label, Bedroom Suck, who will in July re-release the band’s first two EP’s, Shawcross and Glory. Ahead of those releases, as well as European tour dates in September, we’re today sharing a new video for the band’s upcoming single, To Be Won.


Featured on the Glory half of the re-release, To Be Won is a thing of low-key beauty. There’s a touch of Sparklehorse or Elvis Depressedly to the lo-fi minimalism, as the guitar is initially accompanied by nothing more than the distant hiss of tape rolling by. The vocal emerges, melancholy and fuzzy, and there’s a remarkable confidence to the way it regularly departs again throughout, allowing the focus to fall on the instrumentation. The outro is particularly gorgeous as warm piano chords tumble out, amongst meandering, thin and twiddly guitar noodling.

The band suggest their greatest achievements to date include, “being unfavourably compared to Mac DeMarco a lot, that time Urban Outfitters asked to play our music in stores and when Tyler, the Creator tweeted the cover of Shawcross”. While we’re sure you’ll agree that’s already quite the highlight reel, we can’t help but wonder if they might just be able to top those achievements in the not too distant future.

Shawcross and Glory are out July 7th via Bedroom Suck. Click HERE for more information on Goodnight Morning.

Full EU Tour dates below

Friday    15/09/2017     DK    Copenhagen    Stengade
Saturday    16/09/2017     SE    Stockholm    Landet
Tuesday    19/09/2017     DK    Aarhus    Tape
Thursday    21/09/2017     DE    Berlin    Internet Explorer
Friday    22/09/2017     DE    Dresden    Ostpol
Saturday    23/09/2017     BE    Trier    Ex-Haus
Wednesday    27/09/2017     UK    Manchester    Castle’s
Thursday    28/09/2017     UK    London    Shakwell Arms
Friday    29/09/2017     UK    Brighton    The Joker
Saturday    30/09/2017     FR    Paris    Espace B

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