[PREMIERE] Future Lives – Continental Drift Divide

The recording of Future Lives’ debut LP, Mansions, involved a fourteen strong band under the orchestration of Kings Of Prussia songwriter, Brandon Taj Hanick. Also featuring members of Drive By Truckers, Future Lives are a project as ambitious as they are exciting. Following Mansions’ release last month, today we’re premiering the video to new single, Continental Drift Divide.

FL_image_fog (1)
Photo by Kristen Hydeck-Brady http://www.khydeck.com/

Musically, Continental Drift Divide walks a path through the more melancholy and downbeat edges of Americana. Bradon’s bassy vocal bringing to mind Leonard Cohen or Bill Callahan as it melds with sweet licks of slide guitar, gently plucked acoustics and gospel-tinged backing. The lyrical content seems to touch on the power of nature, and the undying union between the planet we live on and the human race.

The accompanying video, directed by Morgan Middleton, features what the band have described as, “a quasi-pagan wedding ceremony, which involved getting a bunch of friends together, dressing everyone in some woodsy thrift store finds and hanging out at beautiful Sandy Creek Nature Center in Athens”. Brandon admits filming did have its downside, “shooting went smoothly, but we all realized a couple of days later that there is that dark side to hanging out in a Georgia swamp for hours — the chiggers ate us alive. Weeks later, we’re all still itching, but everyone agrees it was totally worth it”. We’ve heard less original ways to suffer for your art, but worth it? Well we’d certainly agree.

Mansions is out now via Soft Magic Records. Click HERE for more information on Future Lives.

US Tour dates
July 6 — Athens, Ga., Future Life (solo) @ Flicker
July 9 — Richmond, Va. @ The Camel
July 10 — Arlington, Va. @ Galaxy Hut
July 11 — NYC @ The Bowery Electric
July 12 — Brooklyn @ Gold Sounds
July 13 — Philadelphia, Pa. @ The Pharmacy
July 14 — Harrisonburg, Va. @ The Golden Pony
July 15 — Charlotte, N.C. @ The Evening Muse
July 19 — New Orleans, La., Future Life (solo) @ Siberia
July 22 — Austin, Tx., Future Life (solo) @ Track House
Aug. 1 — San Francisco, Calif., Future Life (solo) @ The Lost Church

One thought on “[PREMIERE] Future Lives – Continental Drift Divide

  1. Wow..Here I thought the 60’s were long ago laid to rest..I wonder how often these throw-back folks bathe..if at all.! Do they live off the land,or just use it for evil purposes?Bah,I say ..and furthermore,fie on all those of this ilk!

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