[EP Premiere] Summer Salt – So Polite

Summer Salt are a trio from Austin, Texas, consisting of Matt Terry, Eugene Chung and Phil Baier, who describe their music as, “that much needed breeze for maximum relaxation”. Returning with their first material since 2015’s Going Native, the band are next week set to put out their brand new EP, So Polite, via ATH Records. Thankfully you won’t have to wait for that, as ahead of that release we’re streaming the whole EP here today.

Photo by Kristina Pedersen – http://kristinapedersen.com/

The four tracks that make up So Polite are a deeply American masterclass in hazy, sun-drenched pop perfection. Bringing to mind the likes of Lionlimb or Whitney, Summer Salt are a band who know the benefit of not doing too much. Take recent single Candy Wrappers; the track floats by in a blur of easy-going guitar work, groove-laden, steady drum beats, and prominent, propulsive bass lines: and it’s an absolute delight.

Elsewhere on the record, the band highlight their propensity for jazz inflected bossa-nova; instrumental closer Prickly Pear in particular sounds like it just stumbled out of a smoke-filled whisky joint in a particularly nice pin-stripe suit. While the slightly lo-fi production of the title track leaves it as smooth as silk without ever drifting into lounge-music territory.

It’s perhaps Revin’ My CJ7, their tribute to a dad they describe as, “a rebel gone family”, that best captures the spirit of Summer Salt. You can almost hear the heat haze lifting as the titular jeep roars onto the open road just for the sake of capturing the slightest of breezes. The perfect sunshine soundtrack, Summer Salt are the holiday anthem for those who don’t want to stray far beyond a brightly coloured cocktail on a sun-lounger with easy access to a pool.

So Polite is out July 28th via ATH (Austin Town Hall) Records. Click HERE for more information on Summer Salt.

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