Pizza Party (friends and people I wish were my friends) – A Mixtape by Hammydown

We can’t pretend we’re experts on any sort of partying, but the one part of party organising we do enjoy is the ritualistic making of the playlist. Working out the perfect flow, the correct mix of exciting new music and music people like jumping around to when they’ve had ample amounts of fizzy-pop. Starting it quiet and mellow enough that people can talk, but ending it with enough bouncing bass to get people shuffling their feet.

All that to think about and you need to work out a way of stopping anyone spilling a drink on your laptop or plugging in their own, inevitably far less thought out, playlist. An art-form in its own right, the party playlist is a wonderfully complex thing, but don’t forget, most people probably won’t even notice just how clever your nuanced segues are, and that’s entirely their own loss.


Hailing from Northampton in Massachusetts, Hammydown is the musical project of Abbie Morin. Having previously toured with the likes of Lucy Dacus and And The Kids, Hammydown is set to release her debut EP, Pizzaface, this week.

Having previously fronted a folk-rock project under her own name, Hammydown is something of a musical departure. A result of breaking too many strings on her acoustic guitar, Pizzaface is a collection that fuses the pop-punk of Palehound or Karen Meat with the adventurous noise of Winnaretta or Weaves. People You May Know bounces on a bassy-thrust, Sky Friend adds a raspy, slacker grunge feel, while the title track builds on a sombre muted strum. Best of all is recent single, Automatic Sweetheart, with its jazzy almost maths-rock style call and response motif shared between the guitar and drums.

In Abbie’s own words, Pizzaface is an EP about, “the plight of the millennial slacker – those who button up and drag their way through the work week, try to pursue creative passions, but still just feel like losers”. It’s a wry and often funny exploration of a life Abbie herself knows only too well, from her time as a cleaner, a pizza delivery person, a barista and a salad bar technician. It’s a record that revels in escapism and knowing there’s more to life than the day-to-day grind.

Hammydown is appearing here today to invite you to her Pizza Party, check out their musical invite below featuring the likes of Lucy Dacus, Palehound and Big Thief.

1. And the Kids- Friends Share Lovers

You’re INVITED! Please bring Little Dog, as well as some Peak Organic, and the tattoo gun.

2. Lucy Dacus- I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore

One time this band got stranded in my living room while their van got fixed, so we decided to party- but we actually didn’t get pizza.

3. Palehound – If You Met Her

This is the song I would put on in the car when I went to go pick up the pizza alone right as the sun was starting to set, and I knew I’d have to drive by a nostalgic place on the way.

4. Caroline Rose – Tightrope Walker

Good thing you wear all red all the time in case someone spills some pizza sauce on you at our super crowded party.

5. Big Thief – Humans

I have a feeling that this band would think of some really amazing and offbeat pizza topping combinations, that would still appeal to everybody. ps. Can we reflect on this soaring guitar solo for a second?

6. Camp Howard- Juice

Every pizza party needs a fruity refreshing beverage. These buds from Richmond, VA are the music-dads of one of my ultimate summer anthems.

7. Uni Aka Ai- Soft in Ice

Tour buddies, and fellow ocean enthusiasts! This song makes me wanna head bang and thrash around in a very smooth, flowy way if you know what I mean.

8. Aye Nako- Spare Me

What’s a pizza party without plenty of queer punks who would maybe want to put on some 90s Nickelodeon on a projector screen?

9. Thao & the Get Down Stay Down – Meticulous Bird

Is there another bass line in the universe that makes you wanna dance more ferociously than this one?

10. Sad13 – Less Than 2

Gotta love a great sense of humor, and one of the catchiest choruses ever. If anyone has this band’s pager # they should slide it my way so I can give them the invite!

11. Vagabon – The Embers

Someone would need to hangout by the radio the whole time so that when this song came on we could turn it up all the way, and everyone would stop what they’re doing and sing along.

Pizzaface is out July 21st. Click HERE for more information on Hammydown.

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