[EP Premiere] Life Model – Lucky

Life Model, a quartet of Glaswegian dream-poppers, have, somewhat slowly, been making music since back in 2012. Today marks the release of their new EP, Lucky, on the ever-reliable Frux Tapes (Bear Cats/Pale Kids) imprint, and while you’re waiting for your tape to arrive, you can stream the record in its entirety right here.

Life Model - Lucky - Promo2
Photos by Angelia Santangeli

Produced by the band’s own Chris T.Smith and mixed by Tuff Love’s Susan Bear, Lucky is a giant leap forward for Life Model’s sound. Their natural flair for a pop-drenched melody now supplemented with layer upon layer of gorgeous, reverberating noise. Take stand out moment, 4 Ever, it sounds like they’ve taken Harriet Wheeler from The Sundays and asked her to sing on the kind of song Ride used to write before they got boring.

Elsewhere, closing track Together dials back the intensity and lets singer Sophie Evans’ always stunning vocal float by on a wave of bass and subtly stupendous fuzzy guitar wailing. Skin And Bones is equal parts The Dandy Wharhols and The Coteau Twins, and the title track is simply ferocious. Building around a propulsive bass, the drums clatter with a distant intensity, and clanking guitar chords create a wall of pure distorted intensity that swirls and dives around the lead vocal, as Sophie sings, “you’ve been lying to my face for days, I just look the other way”.

A band who’ve gradually crafted their art outside of the limelight, there’s nothing lucky about this, it’s the sound of a band ready for, and deserving of, all the acclaim that will soon be coming their way.

Life Model’s EP is out today via Frux Tapes. Click HERE for more information on Life Model.

Upcoming Life Model Gigs:

July 26th – King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow (Supporting American Clay)
August 12th – Vegan Connections Festival – Old Hairdressers, Glasgow
August 20th – Tyne Bar, Newcastle
August 31st – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh (Supporting Tigercats)
October 5th – Hug & Pint, Glasgow (Supporting Peaness)


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