[PREMIERE] Life Model – Real Estate

Glasgow-based label, Double A-Side Records are set to live up to their labels name next week with the release of a split single between Home Economics, and a band we’re huge fans of, Life Model. Ahead of that release, today we’re premiering Life Model’s offering, Real Estate, their first material since last year’s Lucky EP, which was one of favourite releases of last year.


Whether Real Estate is a reference to the New Jersey quintet, or you know, “property consisting of land or buildings” (thanks Google Dictionary), we’re not entirely sure as it doesn’t seem to make any reference to mortgages or talking backwards. Thankfully if the title requires some further investigation, the song is an instant thrill. Crashing waves of fuzzy bass, the complex rumbles of intricate drum-beats and a wonderful amount of reverb creating  a dense back-drop for vocalist Sophie Evans’ jaw-dropping vocal performance; particularly wonderful when doubled up with Joanne McCafferty, soaring together in a chorus of, “I would rather be with you”.

Life Model recently celebrated their six year anniversary as a band, and while material shared has been somewhat limited, on this evidence there’s been plenty going on behind the scenes. A band maturing with every release, better detailing their romantic visions and hazy soundscapes with every new track and every wonderful new idea.

Life Model’s split-single with Home Economics is out November 23rd via Double A-Side Records. Click HERE for more information on Life Model.

Life Model will be performing at Glasgow’s Old Hairdressers on Saturday, before coming down to play our first gig night of next year at The Victoria on January 10th.

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