[PREMIERE] Frog – Bones

With a very fitting name for a band from The Swamp in Queens, Frog are the duo of Danny Bateman (Vocals / Guitar) and Tom White (Drums / Bass). The pair have been sharing music since their self-titled debut EP back in 2013, graduating to a long-player with their 2015 underground-hit, Kind Of Blah. The band are set to return at the end of this month with their second album, Whatever We Probably Already Had It, due out on the excellent Audio Antihero label, and today we’re premiering the latest track from it, Bones.

Live Press Shot 2 - Andrew Piccone Credit
Photo by Andrew Piccone – http://www.andrewpiccone.com // Header photo by Alex Coppola

Recorded in upstate New York, Frog have talked about, Whatever We Probably Already Had It, as something of a departure. The tracks stripped back, left bare and raw, their emotion worn openly for all to see. Bones is a fine example, Danny’s vocal is presented, for the most part, with little adornment, allowing the wistful nostalgia and subtle sadness of his words to truly impact upon the listener, “did you know that I’ve thought about you every year in the cold where the train rattles through, and I never told you it’s just what I do”. It’s a song that offers a myriad of interpretations, Danny could be singing to a lover, an old friend, even a memory of himself, it isn’t the destination of his words that’s important so much, as the unmistakeable honesty with which they’re delivered.

Despite the stripped back approach of the production, Bones is certainly not a track without musical worth. The meandering lead-guitar provides much of the track’s propulsion, as lilting vocals fill in the details, and waves of buzzing organs add a fuzzy, textural quality, blurring the lines between thoughts and memories. Frog continue to exist outside of musical fads and trends, a welcome moment of quiet contemplation in the sometimes hectic modern world, a subtle, stunning triumph.

Whatever We Probably Already Had It is out November 30th via Audio Antihero. Click HERE for more information on Frog. Check out the other tracks they’ve shared from the album and pre-order it below.

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