[VIDEO PREMIERE] Ruby Fray – Cilantro

Originally based out of Olympia, Ruby Fray started out as the solo project of songwriter, Emily Beanblossom. Emily made her name on the Olympia scene playing with the likes of Christmas and Legs The Crab, as well as launching her own brand of soaps, but in 2011 adopted the Ruby Fray moniker to title her solo musings.

Relocating to Austin, Emily released a pair of albums via K Records. Now relocated to Chicago, Emily has started work on the new Ruby Fray album, recorded with, “a small army of all-female musicians”, which will be out later this year. Today we’re sharing the latest offering from it, a new track entitled Cilantro (that’s Coriander for those of you reading in the UK).

Photo by Bryan Parker – http://bryancparker.com/

Building around a gentle arpeggiated guitar chord, Cilantro is a haunting slice of ghostly-folk, bringing to mind acts like Marissa Nadler or Lilah Larson. It sounds like a classic 1960’s pop song being covered by the cast of The Wicker Man, and yes it’s as good as that sounds. The track is accompanied by a video of people separating cilantro into leaves and stalks, mainly worth watching to realise that there’s been a tool for doing that all along – this video could be genuinely life changing.

Ruby Fray are currently heading out on tour across the United States in support of Cilantro. It marks the start of what could easily be a break out year for the band, it may be six years since their formation, but it feels like Ruby Fray are only just getting started.

Ruby Fray’s album will be out later this year. Full tour dates are below, click HERE for more information.

Ruby Fray Tour Poster.jpg


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