Five Things We Liked This Week – 18/08/2017

Further Listening: VISSIALomeldaThe Plan, WyCecilia EbbaNadine Shah, The War On Drugs, Lisa MitchellAbraham King, Dama ScoutChad VanGaalen, AlvvaysKevin Morby, Sofia ImasWireheads, Sephine LloReptaliens, MiseryslimsPartner, Prom QueenBradley PalermoH.Hawkline, Who Is She?Nelson Can, The Surfing MagazinesJesse WoodsEl Goodo, Novel-FaeBeachtape, Madeleine KelsonFever Dream, Happy AbandonHypnotic KingdomRalegh Long, EphrataEmily Haines & The Soft SkeletonPop Crisis, Sam Evian, Patchwork Guilt, WhispertownStrange RangerCharles Howl, The By Gods, Tree House, Hinds and an excellent new track from Fresh.

5. Andi Is Halfway Home

Andi first came to the world’s attention with last year’s well received EP, Sketches. With a series of tour dates in her native Canada to promote, this week Andi has shared the first new material since that record, in the shape of new single Half Home.

Discussing the inspiration behind the track, Andi has suggested Half Home is a song, “about being young and in a transitionary stage of life”. Half Home is a song about feeling lost and attempting to find your feet in the shifting sands that accompany growing up. Musically the track is a slice of power-pop in the mould of Alex Lahey or Diet Cig. Impressively intricate guitar work and pounding drums accompanying Andi’s laid back vocal, which is reminiscent of the likes of Mitski or Squirrel Flower. Andi is an intriguingly eclectic songwriter citing influences from noise-rock to R&B; an artist determined to follow her own musical path, and there’s few things more exciting than that.

Half Home is out now. Click HERE for more information on Andi.

4. Girl K Moves In Next Door

Girl K is the pseudonym of Chicago based songwriter Kathy Patino; and that’s about all we know about her. This week Kathy has shared her new single, Neighbors, the first track to be lifted from an upcoming debut album, Sunflower Court.

Describing Neighbors as being about, “overlooking personal needs when giving to others”, Kathy seems to be playing her cards quite closer to her chest. Thankfully with music this good, who needs a back story. From a sparse opening, Kathy’s voice accompanied by just a lightly strummed acoustic guitar, the track suddenly bursts into life as a bright and breezy indie-pop track. Kathy’s vocal may be destined for a thousand comparisons to Alvvays’ Molly Rankin, but it’s a stunning performance throughout as she rings every drop of angst and emotion from her perfectly cracking vocal. More tracks this good and Girl K could be very special indeed.

Sunflower Court is out later this year. Click HERE for more information on Girl K.

3. Widowspeak’s New Single Is A Dream

Much of Widowspeak’s upcoming album, Expect The Best, was written after singer Molly Hamilton returned to the town of her youth, Tacoma, Washington. It’s perhaps fitting then that it a record that seems to deal heavily in self-examination and exploring the feeling of being adrift in a rudderless world.

Expect The Best, the band’s first album recorded as a four piece, is out next week, and ahead of that release, Widowspeak have shared the stunning new single, The Dream. Many of the hallmarks of earlier recordings, the dusty twanging lead guitar lines and Molly’s world-weary vocals, remain, but Widowspeak sound fuller and more ambitious than ever. Cinematic strings soar into The Dream, creating a perfect backdrop to the beautiful vocal delivery, as Molly seems to question her life choices, repeating the line, “isn’t that the dream?”, as if trying to convince herself as much as anyone else. The album title might tell us to expect the best, and listening to a track as good as The Dream, how could you expect anything else?

Expect The Best is out August 25th via Captured Tracks. Click HERE for more information on Widowspeak.

2. Francis Gets Into The Swing Of Things

Active in their native Sweden for over a decade, indie-pop quintet, Francis returned last year with their acclaimed second album, Marathon, their first new material in four years. Not wishing to leave it so long this time, the band have this week shared a new stand-alone single, Swing.

Swing is a song that is about nostalgia, and how by looking back and reminiscing, inevitably comes some sadness for what has been lost along the away, singer Petra Mases talks about the sadness as, “a wave that comes with all those memories”. Musically there’s a touch of Amber Arcades or Charlie Hilton to the fusing of dreamy electronics, prominent bass lines and the light tick of a perfectly judged drum beat. The various members of Francis’ lives have changed, they’ve grown up got kids and real jobs, but as Petra puts it, “Francis has a unique ability to make me fun and invincible in the true sense of a 20 year old”. Embrace the you from ten years ago, jump on that swing, and let your teenage dreams run wild, because Francis just made the perfect soundtrack for not giving up on your ambitions.

Swing is out today via Strangers Candy. Click HERE for more information on Francis.

1. A Lazy Day Spent Hiccuping

Lazy Day started life back in 2014 as the solo bedroom project of Tilly Scantlebury. Now expanded to a four piece, the band are next month set to head out on their first ever headline tour in support of an upcoming EP, Ribbons, out on the excellent Lost Map Records.

Prior to Ribbons’ release the band have shared their excellent new single, Hiccup, a shimmering fusion of sweet, melodic dream-pop and scuzzy grungy guitar wailing. Discussing the inspiration behind the track, Tilly has suggested it is about not knowing where you stand, contrasting the emotional bumps in the road every relationship experiences, with the involuntary physical reaction of a hiccup. The band have also attempted to mirror that physical reaction in the jerky rhythms and tempo shifts present throughout the track. Ambitious and intriguing, Hiccup seems like the start of a promising new chapter for Lazy Day.

Ribbons is out September 15th via Lost Map Records. Click HERE for more information on Lazy Day.

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