[PREMIERE] Palm Ghosts – Heavy Eyes

Joseph Lekkas has been releasing music under the pseudonym Palm Ghosts since back in 2013. The East Nashville via Philadelphia songwriter started the project as a creative outlet for dealing with a severe bout of depression and anxiety, music giving him a route through the difficulties of modern living. In February of this year, Joseph released his second record Greenland, an exploration of the traditional Americana and folk of his new home in Nashville. Following that release, the ever prolific songwriter started work on a new project, an album inspired by the 1980’s electronic-indie of bands like Cocteau Twins, Talking Heads and New Order. The resulting record, Architecture, will be out soon, and today we’re sharing the first single from it, Heavy Eyes.

Palm Ghosts Pic 4
Photo and header photo both by Palm Ghosts

Heavy Eyes is a gorgeously meandering slice of dream-pop. The whole track is held together by the constant pulse of a distant reverberating piano, as skittering drums, gently unfurling guitars and warm analog synths come together to create a loose drifting whole. Joseph’s whispy falsetto seems to drift in and out of the track emerging only when required, as he sings “I am here and I am gone, such a short time”.

Discussing the inspiration behind the track, Joseph suggests it is written from the point of view a ghostly narrator, recalling their youth, lost love and eventual exit from the world. Placing the song into context, Joseph recalls how Tom Waits said, “I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things.” While, musically, he couldn’t be much further removed from Mr Waits, it’s a trick Palm Ghosts has pulled off wonderfully, Heavy Eyes is a masterpiece.

Heavy Eyes is out August 25th. Click HERE for more information on Palm Ghosts.


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