[PREMIERE] Slowmotions – Banker

Slowmotions is the solo-project of Nashville-born multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and composer Andrew Brassell. Following the release of his debut album, 2009’s Quick Potions, Andrew re-located to Los Angeles, a move that shaped his ambitious second record, The Domes, which was released earlier this year via YK Records. A twenty-track odyssey, The Domes was inspired by California’s “winding freeways, telepathic winds and mountaintops shrouded in haze”. Today we’re sharing the video to the latest single lifted from the record, Banker.


Discussing the track, Andrew has suggested it was, “indirectly inspired by Bowie’s song Sound and Vision”. Musically it is a blending of the laid back, sun-drenched pop of Mac De Marco and the low-key, minimalism of Elvis Depressedly. Lyrically the track questions the idea of fate, as Andrew explains, “I think it’s really about what people perceive as fate which is maybe just people assigning meaning to however things play out”.

Discussing the accompanying video Andrew says, “I wanted it to be a colorful, messy collage and old videos of friends and family added some humanity to the mix. Essentially the video was made as a means of expression for me, but I’m happy to share it with anyone willing to watch”. Keep writing tracks this good and plenty of people are going to be more than willing to give Slowmotions the time of day.

The Domes is out now via YK Records. Click HERE for more information on Slowmotions.

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