[PREMIERE] Kaufman – Legs

Some of you may remember that back in July we premiered Takeaway, the debut single from somewhat mysterious Londoner, Will Collins aka Kaufman. That track came from a session of recording at Clashnarrow studio in the North East Highlands of Scotland. The four tracks that came from those sessions are going to be coming out as an EP next month, and ahead of its release we’re premiering the second track from it, Legs.

Photo by Adam F Dillon

Discussing the inspiration behind Legs, Will has suggested it’s about, “going at my own pace instead of trying to keep up with everyone else. Whether that’s related to work, to my music, to my social life; deciding to just halt and achieve what I want to do in my own time”. 

Musically, Legs explodes into life with a splendidly fuzzy guitar, pounding drum beats, and Will’s impassioned vocal yelp repeating the line, “my legs are so tired from walking after you, ’cause it seems that is all they do” – it’s surely the year’s most thrilling intro. From there the track breaks down into slacker-tinged choruses with warbling synths and a vocal so laid back Kurt Vile would be proud. It might only clock in a three minutes, but it’s a track jam-packed with sonic ideas; there’s even a little country breakdown resplendent with slides and harmonicas. His musical career might only be two songs in, but Kaufman sounds like he’s been doing this for years, and with more recording booked for later this year, there are plenty of reasons to be very excited about where Will goes next.

Kaufman’s self-titled debut EP will be out in September. Click HERE for more information on Kaufman.

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