[PREMIERE] Schande – Broken Gavel

Fresh off the back of a successful US tour, and coinciding with a second run of tapes from their recent EP, I Wrote That, Anglo-American trio Schande are back with a brand new video, Broken Gavel, which we’re premiering here today.

07_Schande at Athens Popfest 2017
Photo courtesy of John McNicholas & Open Ears – openearsmusic.net
With its driving, fuzz-laden guitars, prominent pulsing bass and crisp, energetic drumming, Broken Gavel would have been a highlight of I Wrote That, even before you get to the stunning break-down and rebuild that marks the songs second half. Whilst many bands are trying to recreate the excitement and energy of the alternative rock scene in the late 90’s, few are pulling it off with such authenticity and aplomb as Schande.

Watch the video below, and then read on to take in drummer Jez’s entertaining, amusing and sometimes quite moving tour diary from their recent American-trip; a glimpse into life on the road in all its unglamorous, confusing and inspiring wonder.

Day I

21:41 UK 16:41 Atlanta, GA.

Ground speed is 552mph. Outside temperature is -52 degrees Fahrenheit. Everybody has put down their window blinds like it is the dead of night, but it’s not, not at our destination, there people won’t even have had their tea yet, nor at home, where it is 9:40pm, Laura, my sister and my mother will be having dinner in Soho, and I don’t know why people are pretending it is night time. I am not, I am pretending I am in a bar. I have had two small bottles of red and three Amstel. The bar I am in shows films and I have so far watched Rogue One, which made me cry because of human sacrifice to a greater cause and Carrie Fisher, and I, Daniel Blake, which made me cry because it will make you cry. I don’t know what to do next, so that is why I am writing to you, dear me, in the absence of something to do, and in truth, because I was thinking of you. It has been a while and I feel a bit rusty. I am writing in font size 6 so that no-one near can read this, though what should I care, to be honest, but I do, even though they are all the ones pretending it is 3am or something, blankets out, blow up cushions, little snorts of sleep. I was hoping someone would talk to me about the Braves, or explain NFL, but hey. Imported Amstel Light is my friend here. I have an interactive map in my bar and it is entertaining me. Earlier I made it so all you could see on screen was the Pacific and space. I got a funny look from my neighbour across the aisle but now I am conscious and he is not and I am becoming a literary god while he snorts in his sleep. Ahem. Allegedly, now I am above Vicor Lake and the River Natashquan. A tiny dot in the sky. Greens and blues and oranges. We’ve sped up. 553mph ground speed. Can you imagine if we were hurtling along at 553mph on the ground. At -52 degrees Fahrenheit. Can you imagine. Oranges and greens and blues. 36,000 feet. I am going to learn at least one Italian word each day. Today’s word is dirottatore.  Hijacker.

Day II

00:45 Athens, 05:45 UK.

We are in America. We are in America! There is a cat on the bed and we are in America. The cat is called Chomsky. Gio is going to the bathroom and I need a wee. The quality of this entry may be reduced accordingly. So, the roads are really big here. They remind me of the scene in Fahrenheit 451 where Guy Montag has to cross the road against the screaming stream of traffic that speeds up to hit him. Like 14 lanes. There were 14 lanes on some Atlanta freeway. A lot of things seem straight out of a thousand novels, or maybe that’s just my mind placing them. Everything is going okay. Great, actually. We saw a baseball game and Jen taught me baseball.. The Braves beat The Dodgers. We took in Piedmont Park. In a bar I got my first, oh, you’re british? That accent is so adorable. And our hosts so far Caleb, John, Marie & Mike have been amazing. And a guy at the liquor store here in Athens thought Gio looked like Michael Stipe. His southern accent was so strong that’s all I got. Tour proper starts tomorrow in Winston-Salem, after we pick up the shirts and drums. Immigration was a treat but I did get to see a policeman on a segway. Today’s word is idiozie. Nonsense.


02:14 Greensboro, NC. 07:14 UK.

We have played a show in America! We have played a show in America! Gio is sleeping next to me in this lovely house of Nikki in Greensboro and we have played a show at The Garage in Winston-Salem. It was super fun. We met Tucker who used to play soccer with Landon Donovan at youth level, we saw The Kneads and The Girlfriends who were both great and the venue had the biggest ceiling fan I ever saw. And I played in a mouth. Jen forgot to play part of Attention but she still nailed it. But it is good to know she isn’t completely superhuman. We drove for 5 hours earlier but apparently that isn’t a long time? This house has three cats but I’ve only seen one. It is very late but we’re going to a National Park tomorrow so I better go to bed innit. Laura will be getting up now and that is a strange feeling. Winston-Salem seemed like a good place. Its main skyscraper looks like a penis, it had a foreskin and everything. Today’s word is sorpresa. Treat.

Day IV

01:16 Roanoke, VA. 06:16 UK. Two shows down. We have been so busy today pals, so busy. I am sipping a gigantic can of Miller in a motel while Jen and Gio sleep to my right. Earlier I think we nearly got Gio to talk about a girl he likes but we / I didn’t have the timing at the crucial moment to press further. The motel is like in a film because apparently that’s all I can do here; pretend I’m in a film. A bit of the wall is peeling off and there is a weird throbbing coming from behind the television. The show was at the Bazaar of Roanoke, the basement of it at the end of a record shop. It was all ages and it was really busy and that’s what you want really isn’t it. Apparently Witching Waves have played there before and it made me think of Mark hopping about on stage there, that stage, in the past, hopping about. And Good Grief, and The School. Ethan said he would come see us in London when he’s on vacation. Ethan works for the national guard but likes punk. And likes punk? But? More DIY vibe tonight. Promoter Jamie and first band Hover member owned the show, and all on donations too. Her voice was beautiful. Final band, L.A.Dies are still at high school, but are amazing. And are amazing. I got a tee and CD and Myra, Melody and Aaron were super nice. They were driving back to Lynchburg, like 90 minutes, which we were dead impressed with until we remembered how long it takes us to get home from shows in London. Also they (well 2/3rds) of them were actualy L.A.Dies, unlike The Girlfriends, who definitely weren’t girlfriends. I have been thinking about Elijah from The Girlfriends today though. He was super nice in our conversations but seemed sad. He’d lived in Winston-Salem all his life and his band had never played out of North Carolina. I felt like the privileged rat I am, at that moment. I feel like the patronising prick I am, in this moment.

Virginia is beautiful. Few too many confederate flags, sure, but beautiful. After setting the world to right with Nikki and sampling her banana muffins we travelled early up to Shenandoah National Park and took a hike but the drive itself was amazing, through the lush rolling forests. I drove an automatic for the first time, which was very interesting for everybody. We have been listening to NPR on the radio and now I feel insanely educated. See band members’ media streams for exquisite panorama shots. I bottled laying on a huge rock on a precipice because it was split in four and I was stressing it would plunge into a ravine but didn’t seem to have any qualms about my band mates getting onto it. Maybe I should look into that. Got a new fridge magnet, pretty happy with that. Today’s word is millepiedi. Millipede.

Day V
Chattanooga, TN 15:21, UK 20:21.

Fell asleep with laptop on chest last night so scribing down Lookout Mountain overlooking Chattanooga as Jen drives us to Murfreesboro. Added caveat of only having 12 minutes battery left. Where were we. Roanoke. It was a pretty long drive from Roanoke but we still got to check it out a bit and I feel I am getting ever closer to the moment where I understand what downtown means. We had breakfast in downtown in a real cute little square, someone was busking with Such Great Heights and people were picketing about a pipe line, and one particular white bearded man thought my No Ditching tee shirt meant I was going to come join them in front of the City Market. He was disappointed but we had a pleasant conversation about rats and the Roanoke Star. E poi we went up the hill to the Roanoke Star! The biggest man made star in the world! 99% of Roanoke can see the Roanoke star! The Roanoke Star! And then we drove for ages.

Another ace show, a little more sparse but no less enthusiastic. Sluggo’s is a vegan restaurant with the venue in the basement, it’s dead cool. We played with Mythical Motors and One Timers who were really great. We agreed to do a whole bunch of stuff with Kathleen from One Timers today such as swimming but think they were happy pissed promises, ‘cause we were happy and pissed and having a nice time. A bunch of the people there will be at Athens Popfest so we’ll see them there anyway. Including Brad and Angela, whose lovely house we stayed at. More Gio dog whispering, more whiskey and a 3AM Guided By Voices documentary screening. Leads to the first little peak of hangover today. I’ll talk about today tomorrow. We’re going to be crossing to Central time from Eastern time in a minute so we get an extra hour, which I need to stop losing my shit over. Gio shaved his head in the motel yesterday. Jen just had a great time in the restroom. And I’ve got some rum in a brown paper bag between my legs. 1% remaining. O&o.

Day VI
Murfreesboro, TN 23:56, UK 05:56.

I am sipping my rum and diet Dr Pepper. It makes me feel happy and confident. We are in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, which is dead close to Nashville apparently, and I think we just played our best show so far. That is the opinion of Jennifer Chochinov anyway, and who am I to disagree with the wisdom factory that is Jennifer Chochinov. It was at a place called Media Re-run (thank you Lashan from the sofa) that was in a vast retail park essentially, which we’ve seen a lot of, these insanely large and awful corporate spaces, only geared for cars, giant retail parks, anyway Media Re-Run is not an insanely large corporate space, it is an amazing record and comic store where we played tonight, located within the vast corporate space that is a variant of what Jen tells us is called a ‘Strip-mall.’ We played with The Amazing Cringey, who did the best magician show, then we played, before The Vamptones, who are hosting us and totally, totally rock. I am in a living room by the way listening to metal next to a book called Death and The Afterlife whilst Jen, Gio, Lashon and Ben are chatting about death. We played pretty well I think tonight, though Gio took me to one side afterwards to tell me I lose my shit a bit too much when shouting through …Calligraphy which y’know I could take on board maybe, if I wasn’t mortally offended. Speaking of dear Giovanni, I think he was kinda into the girl behind the cashier, Krista, and she came over tonight here and hung out for a bit. They had tonnes in common, like loving Frankie Cosmos, and being in bands (Lashon played us her fantastic band Fluorescent Half Dome in a lovely cringe moment earlier). And she was so nice. But talking to people is hard, I get that. Hence the Diet Dr Pepper and rum. And moonshine. And beers. And vodka. It’s Sunday night in Murfreesboro people!

It is Sunday night and I still don’t know the Wolves Middlesbrough score from yesterday, as I have no roaming to pick up the 6,000 texts from Charles with a blow by blow account. I checked the team as we left the motel in Roanoke just before kick off but since then silence. The freedom of not knowing is liberating but now with every minute I am freaking out by increment, as I can check in five seconds, if I want. I don’t want. I don’t want to know ever but back home there is no escape. And I have to know at some point. But that point can wait until I have finished this.

We have all been a bit wired and emotional this evening. Gio showed me a photo on Instagram of Laura earlier and I was properly welling up let me tell you, I had to use all of my bottling up powers to not cry all over my scrambled tofu.

Anyway. What to finish? We went up to Point Park above Chattanooga today, after crossing the Tennessee River and taking a carousel ride and you know what, I really could have spent more time in Chattanooga, I was looking down on the tour boats from the beautiful iron bridge in envy and it just seemed like a super interesting place. Next time, pals. We crossed back into Georgia at some point, which hella confused me as that’s where we started, and the central time thing. I’d lik to say And that is when I began faliling unteliglbly. ####

Oh goodness. Don’t know what I was saying there but now it is 01:50 Murfreesboro and time has seemingly passed. I still haven’t checked the Wolves score but Jen and I have just been sorting out world peace on the porch with a rum and ginger and vodka and it was beautiful, it is like a sauna out there, and super noisey with bugs and things. Gio came out for a bit but now he is asleep on the futon next to me under the cold dry air con. I took a photo of him on the porch that made him look like an Italian model. More people should have porches. More people should see Gio as an Italian model. Come ci come ca.

Anyway I didn’t mention John earlier who runs Media Re-Run Records. His way of doing thing is so good. He has a donation pot for travelling bands next the cashier all week. And he gave us each $10 store credit AND beer. I got some sweet sci fi books, inc. Journey To The Mushroom Planet which I feel is probably a bit obvious but still. The cover is so beautiful. We got paid so well and that means we can cover petrol (gas) and car hire and gear hire and generally gives touring bands a chance of breaking even, even a tiny dot of a band like us. How good is that?

I am going to check the score now. I am freaking out and know I won’t sleep whatever the score is as I’ll be stuck in sub conscious reruns of what might have happened. See you tomorrow. Today’s word is Trepidazione. Trepidation.


00:40 Mobile, AL. 06:40 UK.

Hello again. Day off today. No show. Today has mostly been on the road, straight down through Alabama on interstate 65, book ended by the lovely hospitality of Ben and Lashon, and where we are now, in a motel in central Mobile, on the SEA, we’e near the fucking GULF but I haven’t seen it yet. The drive to New Orleans, where we play tomorrow, was a bit much all in one go so we decided to stop off here first, in this place I didn’t know existed until this morning. We arrived at around 22:15 and Gio and I went out on the lash, Monday night Mobile people, and found a dead cool bar and it was a really lovely time let me tell you. Wendy from Quality Inns told us to be careful before we went out but the scariest things were the Mardi Gras statues near the cathedral. It was so quiet it felt like we were the only ones in town, until we got to the bar. Jen stayed at the hotel and when we got back the TV was on real quiet and she looked so content and peaceful, it was really nice.

I have found a new happy place. It is listening to Life Without Buildings whilst driving on an empty freeway with Jen and Gio chatting in the car and a lightening storm filling with the horizon.

Not much else to say. We went to the Huntsvile American Space Centre but couldn’t afford entry so raided the gift shop. And we had dinner in an empty racist* diner. New Orleans is super close now. So until tomorrow…

*If one judges a diner’s race opinions on the pedigree of its gift selection


11:16 New Orleans, LA. 17:16 UK.

I felt too tired to enter this last night so here I am in the back seat again as Jen makes hay east on interstate 10 towards Panama City. Top bridge and swamp action so far. So yesterday was a weird day. I was a bit pissy at the end and I don’t know if it was just because you’re always gunna have a pissy day on tour or what. I enjoyed New Orleans sure, and we got there early enough to have a good wander. Perhaps it was just that pressure to enjoy it, and experience it, which so rarely leads to enjoying or experiencing anything. The French Quarter was lovely and we hit a few bars but I didn’t learn anything or feel anything, other than feeling that I should but learning or feeling something but wasn’t. And so the spiral began….

(interlude as we just drove passed a freeway gentleman’s club called Scuttlebutt)

The show was at a place called Saturn Bar in Bywater, which one could call a Dive Bar I think. Deanne at the Louisiana Welcome Centre winked at us, drew us close and in hushed tones told us to be careful in Bywater, as it is up and coming but the most threatening thing was the lightning storm that seemed to have wrapped its fingers around the city. Saturn Bar was a weird and wonderful place, mad artwork everywhere and a four sided balcony overlooking the square band area further back. (Another) Jen from behind the bar was telling us how everyone who works there lives on the same block. Right, I am aware that I’ve said every band we have played with so far has been great, and whilst I realise the improbability of that, I’ve really enjoyed everyone, including tonight: Guts Club’s stripped back sweet melodies, Dad? coming on to house music and opening with Born This Way. Really happy Jen got to see Guts Cub as she is a huge fan, and we all agreed Dad? would rule the London DIY scene if they came over. Two ‘bros’ as Gio called them were moshing throughout. Other people were strung around the stairs and balcony. Andy, our host and lovely keyboard player from Guts Club, told us that the crowd had been into it, and it seemed that way, but the drop had hit by then and I wasn’t back ‘til I woke this morning in the recording studio that is Andy’s front room in up-town New Orleans. I hope Jen and/or Gio didn’t think I was pissy at them, for the show or something, ‘cause I wasn’t. These things just happen and there’s no real answer other than escape.

Anyway another thing that happened that was entertaining was when we entered the aforementioned Louisiana Welcome Centre was Gio’s pronunciation of ‘Saturn Bar’ came out as ‘Satan Bar, which floored Deanna and co considerably. “If we’re looking at you funny, you know you’ve done something wrong.” The bros were real keen to hear about all the Tennessee girls we’d got with on tour once they found out our ‘wives and girlfriends’ were back home. It was amazing they could judge our characters so clearly. Yep. Keep on rocking, bros.

Jen’s bubble-gum wrapper just asked us some questions like Who was your first kiss and who is your dopple-ganger and together with would your rather I like that we’ve been learning little bits more about each-other each day. Today’s word is nuotatore. Swimmer.

Day IX

Georgia highway 91N, GA 14:34. UK 19:34.

Silos and porched bungalows, rich greens and browns, cross-road towns. Gun shops and pristine churches. ‘God is rich because he saves’. We are cross country travelling back to Athens people, from Panama City FL, where we played last night. Spot of map reading took prominence after Jen’s phone took a tumble and has now become some kind of confused sentience whose random inclinations threaten her social media power lines. I think she is finding it quite stressful but we are on track I reckon and have tapped into a happy place with a map on my lap and unknown tracks ahead.

UPDATE: “I’ll never forget the time you and I found the hot spot together” Jennifer Chochinov, 14:52 GA. After an impromptu pit-stop we have alleviated the sentient iPhone situation and there are no words to describe the relief in Jen’s demeanour now that we have confirmed her phone hasn’t posted some sexy emoji’s on an ex-girlfriend’s photo.

So Panama City. Panama City is a strange city from what we saw of it. On arrival we had an amble down to the marina and walked back through downtown. Barely saw a soul, just a 9/11 memorial and some fishermen fishing next to the No Fishing Strictly Enforced sign. It was super hot and humid. The gun shop had a poster saying, Gun Control works! Ask the experts! With pictures of Stalin and Hitler. On the other end of the spectrum we had Mosey’s Downtown, the venue we were playing, the multi-roomed pleasure palace that it was, classic bar on the left, venue out back, games room and pizza restaurant somewhere in the middle. Our tour poster was up everywhere. And we had a band bar tab. Gio and I got a bit excited at this and found ourselves in front of the largest pizza we’ve ever seen, a little nubbin of which may have come out as I shouted through Caligraphy three hours later, but who’s to say. It was good. The show was good, really good actually, people moved forward when requested and it felt so great with everyone up in our faces with a lot of love in the room. XXX from the excellent Common Family was a spitting image of Joe Pale Kids. And

“While on a car trip, and you have to be in the car for a couple of hours, cause you’re in the desert, would you rather sit with a shit-ass or sit with a puke mouth?” Our dear singer everybody.

Oh god I cannot describe music but Dad Johnstone’s band were great too. Dan is the manager of Mosey’s, tonight’s host Jeff told us, and we were going to stay at his but went for the party-lite option that was Jeff’s place. Dan was telling us about his experiences in New Orleans and they sounded a tad more wild than ours, I would say. Saying that, Jeff and I did splurge on the strawberry ‘magic’ cider at the bar subsequent to this conversation. People knew Mike from HHBTM and were getting us well excited for Athens Popfest (we play our last show there tomorrow). Including Carl, an improv jazz musician who used to work with Mike and grew up in Leicester, UK, cue a long back and forth about Leicester City’s title exploits last year. No goss tonight, other than some games of the shall we say cruder cousin of Snog, Marry, Avoid, which must never be repeated, and Gio going to the bar seven times in a five minute period to get change for the fusball table. Jen and I thought there may have been someone at the bar to provide a clear motive for these trips but Gio claimed ignorance, albeit with a glint in his eye. For the record, despite the unfamiliar 3-2-5-3 formation of the American style Tornado table, I beat him twice, 5-3 and 5-2. Jen flukily beat me at pool but we’ll gloss over that.

I’ll tell you what. Whilst some of the shows haven’t had a tonne of people, like 20-30 maybe, we have had such an amazing response from the people who have come that it beats playing to 60 folded arms any day. Panama City was a case in point, people got up in our faces, made us feel amazing and then took the time to come say hi and thank you afterwards. Together with the bar tab that paid for our dinner and drinks, Dan made sure we had enough cash for petrol. This trip has of course been a privileged situation to be in, to be able to afford (well to be able to afford to pay back credit card fees some distant point in the future) flights over, but once we have been here we have been able to cover gas, and together with the Indietracks money, car hire and motels, and it just makes you just so super pumped and grateful, that on some level this is possible. My heart swells with that feeling, when I look back over the last ten days and the generosity of people.

Anyway. Not quite time for obituaries. We stayed at the lovely Jeff’s. More dogs and cats for the animal whisperer Villaraut. Last show tomorrow. Sadness tempered with the Popfest sandwich around it, with Waxahatchee and Apples In Stereo tonight, and Superchunk, Laetita Sadler and Eureka Californa tomorrow. And I just remembered Tunabunny are playing Saturday. And I get to see Laura on Monday 😀 😀 D Today’s word is Grato. Grateful.

Day X

Athens 10:32. UK 15:32.

I am hanging. I am hanging a bit, a little peaky hang, poking its little peak over the precipice, and we are playing later. Jen has given me the eyes. I am wearing my pink Charmpit tee that has been waiting patiently at the bottom of my holdall for its grand moment. Last night was great. We got in to Athens at about 6pm, and our hotel is right across from the block holding the Georgia Theatre, main venue for the popfest, and Little Kings Shuffle Bar, where we play, later. Somehow Gio and I got lost the microsecond we left the hotel despite said proximity, but we were dragged back by JJ from Scooterbabe and got there in time to catch Palehound, coming with a major Gio endorsement, and they were fantastic. The Georgia Theatre is fantastic: theatre is apt, like a classy, smaller Brixton Academy maybe, sloped floor, multi-tiered balcony, lush red awnings, like the venues I used to marvel at when going through old Lush US tour videos on YouTube when I first got YouTube. It has a roof bar with NFL on and a band discount on booze. We saw some other bands off and on but Antered Aunt Lord and Waxahatchee win the I still can’t describe bands other than with superlatives award for Thursday of Athens Popfest. We had a real good spot for Waxahatchee and she was so powerful it was amazing. We were all dead tired by then. Gio dealt with this by going to bed. Jen and I dealt with this by getting more drinks.

We are playing today and that is really exciting but first we are going to get breakfast at The Gritz where we went back on Day III so bye. Today’s word is frustata. Lash.

Day XI

Athens 12:27. UK 17:27.

Gio and I are in the hotel room. We are watching a Roseanne marathon. I have been for a dip in the pool and it would appear that what I feared was true. Drumming every night does not counteract the effects of daily pancakes on one’s physique.

Speaking of drumming. I have done my last drum of the tour. The neat blood blister that looks like a continent on my thumb is fading. The snare, cymbals and pedal are back at Nuci’s Space where we hired them from (sidenote: amazing place, rehearsal & gear hire place that has numerous community mental health projects) ten days ago.

My last drum was at Little Kings Shuffle Club yesterday afternoon. It was busy and buzzy but the show was a bit of a faeces storm in some ways through no fault of anyone, strings breaking, pedals cutting out. I think we blagged it though and the bouncy drum stool was particularly enjoyable. I think it was more stressful for Jen and Gio but we hugged it out at the end and the nice things people said made us feel proud and happy. My mum’s friend Marion came down from Greenville and it was so great to see her, and there were a lot of people in the crowd who we’d met on the tour like the guys from Chattanooga and it was really lovely to see their faces when looking out.

We went back to The Georgia Theatre in the evening and Caleb and John were there from way back when in Atlanta and Superchunk were particularly awesome. Athens had turned into this bizarre jocks-ville when we piled out. The college kids are back. We failed to find liquor but i think it was only me wanting some anyway so we came back. Today feels weird. We will watch some bands later and then that will be that. Not deflated, as Wolves just won at Derby, but leaking for sure. That ebb and flow of tour, the being expected somewhere, but not being expected to stick around. I like that. We are going to walk to the Dawgs stadium now and then watch some bands.


Miami, FL 20:03. UK 01:03

It is over. I am over the Atlantic and it is over and I am going home. I should be sleeping so as not to wreck next week but had the urge to write to you again. I guess you could say I am in the rhythm now, and I like that rhythm, the creativity of it, the sense of feeling you get from creating something before realising what you do is shite and meaningless. No peak of a hangover today, just full on Mount Olympus. But I made it to Waffle House people, I made it, pissed and alone perhaps but Waffle House was achieved and I am grateful.

Final hugs and goodbyes, final bands, final lash. Venue got wise to me having band booze discount all three days but Giovanni Stealth Villaraut sorted me out. He did the sensible thing and went to bed early> I did not. But I did get to see Tunanbunny and ESG and it was quite an emotional finale let me tell you.

Lingua Franca & noon:30 before them were fantastic and made me aware of the Charlottesville stuff that had just happened, out of my self-involved tour bubble, just down the road from some of the places I eulogised about earlier in this piece. Fox News today was condemning the counter-protesters whilst barely touching on the fact a white supremacist mowed into them in a car. This world. Lingua Franca made me wanna get up and do something about it. So, future self, don’t be meek, get up and do something about it.

I cannot see Jen and Gio, they are in another half of the plane. We had a chat-room on the plane before but this one’s capabilities are somewhat reduced. I have watched Table 19, which did not make me cry and may have put me off film but it was not altogether awful.

I have nearly finished the novel Synners by Pat Cadogan, which is good because it needs to be back at Lewisham Library by Wednesday. I am going to miss it though. I am going to miss its characters. I am going to miss Jen and Gio. Or at least the company of Jen and Gio of tour, of the past 12 days, the Jen and Gio who were shaped by our context, our trip and each-other. Perhaps that is the answer, why I can never explain to people who question me why I love tour and being on the road with bands and why I don’t grow up and stop loving tour. It is the unique set of circumstances that arise from it, and how it shapes you and the people around you and the many people who you meet, and when that works out for good you evolve together and the knowledge and experiences build you as a person and there is love everywhere and it is really beautiful let me tell you. Ciao, bella.

I Wrote That is now available again on cassette via For The Sake Of Tapes. Click HERE for more information on Schande. The band play DIY Space for London on October 17th and Roll For The Soul in Bristol on October 20th.

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