Five Things We Liked This Week – 13/10/2017

Further Listening

5. Stand Back And Admire Wild Ones

Last week saw the release of Mirror Touch, the critically acclaimed debut release from Portland-quintet, Wild Ones. The band celebrated with the release of a new video for one of the album’s stand out moments, Standing In The Back At Your Show.

Mirror Touch is an album that explores the battle of all musicians to maintain their self-identity in an industry that, to some extent at least, promotes homogeneity. The resulting music is an intriguing mix of experimental DIY-leanings and a glistening pop-shimmer. Their sound is one of blissed out indie-pop, delivered with nods to R&B production and the cold, melodies of 1980’s synth-pop.  Standing In The Back At Your Show, seems to explore a fading, or perhaps already faded, relationship, as singer Danielle Sulivan repeatedly returns to the idea of trying to hide your true self from someone who meant the world to you, “can’t tell me you don’t think about me when I’m gone ’cause you do, all night catching a feeling I know it’s wrong to try and lead you astray, I told you I don’t dream about you anymore but I do”. Wild Ones are a band who seemingly exist entirely on their own terms; making the exact music that they want, and we can’t think of anything more exciting than that.

Mirror Touch is out now via Topshelf Records. Click HERE for more information on Wild Ones.

4. Become Consumed By Dog In The Snow

When not working on her own music, Helen Ganya Brown spent 2016 touring the world with Fear Of Men. After returning home, the Brighton based songwriter got back to her own music, and recorded the upcoming debut album from her Dog In The Snow moniker. That record, Consume Me, will be out next week, and ahead of its release, Helen shared the video to the album’s title track.

Dog In The Snow is a project built on juxtapositions, even the seemingly playful name is inspired by Josef K’s final words in Kafka’s The Trial, where, with a gun to his head he notes, “like a dog”. These juxtapositions equally manifest themselves in the music, a world of darkness and anxiety, but one that exists within a shimmering, almost ethereal soundscape. Discussing the title track, Helen suggests, “Consume Me is a farewell to the world on a deathbed. It’s the kind of moments and feelings I envision you could have at the end: personal and universal feelings of regret, hope, magic; a longing to be taken in by the earth”. The album from which the track is lifted sets out to explore how, as a person of mixed race, Helen has been left feeling like a foreigner to her homelands. This hugely promising introduction suggests Consume Me could be a fascinating first step on this journey of self-identity.

Consume Me is out October 20th via Battle Worldwide. Click HERE for more information on Dog In The Snow

3. CIVIC Go Blind For Famous Faces

CIVIC are a Boston-based band, led by the songwriting of singer and guitarist, Dana Osterling. Next month will see the release of their second album, Face Blindness, a record Dana describes as an examination of,  “the seemingly impossible standards women in the music industry are held to, as they are rewarded by seeking or garnering attention, yet expected to achieve effortlessness at all times”.

Ahead of that release, this week the band have shared their new single, Selena Gomez, a track that touches on the ideas of fame, depth and womanhood. It touches on the impossible expectations put on young women, as Dana repeats the unachievable line, “stay cool, get hot, stay young, get bored”. Dana’s lyrical exploration is set to a track of crunchy guitars and pop-tinged melodies it’s a sound reminiscent of the likes of Mistki or Alex Lahey. Face Blindness may have been written as a response to an identity crisis, but based on this track it could also be the sound of someone discovering the inner strength to truly be themselves.

Face Blindness is out November 3rd. Click HERE for more information on CIVIC.

2. Anna St Louis Goes Up In Smoke

St. Louis by name, err, Kansas City by birth, Anna St. Louis is the latest signing to Kevin Morby’s Mare Records. Anna grew up Missouri as a painter and a punk singer; it was only after  a post art college move to Los Angeles that she taught herself the guitar and began to write songs. Those songs come to life on her debut release, First Songs, which is out next month, and this week Anna has shared the first material from it, Fire.

Fire seems to present Anna’s Midwestern roots through the warm filter of California sunshine. Intricate guitar phrases weave beautiful patterns beneath layers of warm vocals, with a subtle touch of Patsy Cline or Meg Baird. First Songs is described as the sound of an artist finding her voice, and in the simple instrumentation and warm production you can almost picture Anna, guitar in hand plucking away at the notes that would become this most beguiling of releases. If it sounds this good already, just imagine what the future holds.

First Songs is out November 3rd via Mare/Woodsist. Click HERE for more information on Anna St Louis.

1. Listening To Hit Like A Girl Makes A Lot Of Sense

Hit Like A Girl is the new project from Montclair based artist Nicolle Maroulis. Nicolle previously put out acoustic numbers under the name For Those Who Cannot See, and with a new name also comes a new musical direction. This week has seen the release of the debut Hits Like A Girl record, You Make Sense, as well as a new single, It’s Always You.

Recalling artists such as Waxahatchee or Soccer Mommy, Hits Like A Girl is a world of crunching electric guitars, sweet vocal melodies and brutal, heartbreaking lyrical honesty. Nicolle admits much of the record is a classic break-up record, inspired by, “the most compatible person I’ve ever been with”, and how that ending can really mess you up, even if the relationship was only in its infancy. Emerging from seemingly nowhere with a record this good is a staggering achievement, if you’re anything like us, Hits Like A Girl might just be your new favourite band

You Make Sense is out now. Click HERE for more information on Hit Like A Girl.

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