[PREMIERE] Giovanni Ferrario Alliance – Shipbuilding

Cast your mind back to last September, and you might remember we premiered Goose 4, from Places Name Numbers, the excellent debut album by Giovanni Ferrario Alliance. Today we’re delighted to share Giovanni’s first offering since that record, a cover of the Elvis Costello classic, Shipbuilding.


Discussing the track, Giovanni has suggested his cover is, “a respectful attempt, that looks up to Robert Wyatt’s version”. Like all the best covers though, Giovanni’s interpretation is one that is stamped through with his own personality. The recording taps into the original track’s ideas of craftsmanship and the journey an artist must go on to discover their own creative freedom, while simultaneously taking the music in new directions.

Shipbuilding is a fine choice of cover for Giovanni, an artist whose work is always hallmarked by his artistic ethics and desire to highlight the craft of the artisanal musician. Wyatt’s version is widely regarded as one of the greatest covers ever, but in his interpretation of an interpretation, Giovanni finds something new in this track; a fitting tribute to the songwriting of Elvis Costello, as well as Giovanni’s own craft.

Places Names Numbers is out now via We Were Never Being Boring. Click HERE for more information on Giovanni Ferrario Alliance.

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