[PREMIERE] Trying – Marathon Of Fright

With Halloween just around the corner, a number of bands are trying to tap into all things spooky, and none are doing it better than indie-poppers, Trying, who’ve recently relocated to Brooklyn from Columbus, Ohio. Today marks the release of their double-A, Halloween spooktacular single, and we’re premiering the first half of that record, Marathon Of Fright.

Photos by Collins Laatsch – http://collinslaatsch.com

Marathon Of Fright is something of a departure from the band’s normal, “mopey indie-kid bingo”, sound. In main songwriter Cameron Carr’s own words, Marathon Of Fright, “lives in spooky, ghoulish splendour” The fact that the track was originally written as an accompaniment to a, “delightfully cheesy” trailer for a 1950’s horror film makes an awful lot of sense.

Cameron’s vocal takes on a gloomy tone, as he emotes atop the haunting buzz of an organ and flourishes of gothic-tinged piano. Lyrically, taking on the guise of a somewhat twisted, Frankenstein-like professor he invites you to answer his question, “how long can the human mind exist in the marathon of fright?” The other track, Nobody Loves Halloween Like You Do, is also well worth checking out; if considerably less likely to have you running for the hills consumed with blind terror, unless you suffer from particularly bad social skills, and parties make you anxious, which, if you’re anything like us, you probably do.

Marathon Of Fright/Nobody Loves Halloween Like You Do is out now. Click HERE for more information on Trying.

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