[VIDEO PREMIERE] Thin Skin – My Song Ate/Tits

Describing their sound as “angry-punk”, Thin Skin are a trio hailing from the musical hotbed of Denton in Texas. The band recently released a new EP, Modern Moms From Hell, and are today premiering their latest video, a mash-up of two older songs My Song Ate and Tits.

Header photo by Katie Reese – http://katiereeseblog.com/ // Live photo by All Hallows Productions – https://erindevany.wordpress.com/

The tracks, lifted from a 2016 split release with fellow Denton band Flesh Narc, showcase the band’s winning blend of cutesy satire and violent, no-wave noise. Their sound is one of vocals dripping with Le Tigre-like attitude, feedback drenched guitar battering, and the most primal drum beats imaginable. This is punk with nothing smoothed out, just raw, abrasive and awful lot of fun.

The self-shot and edited video was recorded at guitarist Katie’s house, and is a spaghetti hoops, technicolor and attitude-filled stab of energy, as perfect a visual representation of the bands sound as you could possibly hope for. Think Skin are set to return at the start of 2018, with their debut album, decidedly called, I Stole This From The Internet.

Listen to all Thin Skin’s releases HERE. Click HERE for more information on Thin Skin.

Video by http://www.panicmediaent.com/



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