Pussyliquor – In Their Own Words

Formed in 2015, Brighton’s Pussyliquor initially bonded over a shared passion for hardcore music and even harder core feminist beliefs. The band have already garnered a flourishing reputation for their no-nonsense live show, and recently announced their debut single, out next month on Revulva Records. This week the band shared the A-side of that single, Get Out.

Photo by Luis Kramer – instagram.com/kramerdoingbits

They might often be labelled with the Riot Grrrl badge, but Pussyliquor’s sound is altogether more English. Lead-singer, Ari Black’s vocal has a similar nonchalance to Sleeper’s Louise Wener, even if the backing is an altogether more aggressive affair. Musically, Get Out is a wash of primal drum-beats, energetic danceable guitar-lines and layers of yelled, rightfully angry vocals.

Lyrically, the track is an anthem for anyone who’s ever wanted to kick a one-night stand out of their bedroom the morning after. Designed to be blared at anyone who dares to overstay their welcome, you can stream the track below and then read on for our Q&A with Pussyliquor, where we discuss feminism, the strengths and limitations of Riot Grrrl and what people can expect from a Pussyliquor live show.

FTR: For those who don’t know, who are Pussyliquor?

We are PUSSYLIQUOR! 5 gals, based in Brighton, with Ari on vocals, Kirsten on rhythm guitar, Hannah on lead guitar, Tallulah on bass and Vikki on drums. We are uncensored thoughts, not just of our own but of many like-minded people, we are ears here to listen and voices who say what needs to be said. Gathering people together to sing and dance over what’s wrong and what’s right, spreading a positive outlook on what once seemed dreary.  Here to install some fiery passion into your hearts.   

FTR: You’re releasing a new single Get Out, what can you tell us about the track?

Simply, it’s a bit of lighthearted comedy that listeners can relate to. We’d even intended for the track to be useful. The song is about a heavy night out and waking up the next day, not knowing your lefts from rights, with a mystery one night stand and all the confusion that comes with it. We ended up merging the idea of people outstaying their welcomes with the idea of waking up with a one night stand into one and Get Out was born. We thought it’d be useful in the sense that when you’re feeling too polite to say anything you can just blast this song at your guests while you glare at them until they get the point.

FTR: What is your definition of feminism?

Feminism is fighting equality for people of all genders, it reached that stage over decades of social evolution and some people’s ideas of feminism aren’t yet up to speed with modern times. Seeing as the movement began with women it’s easy to assume that feminists are orientated around women only but really the idea is to bring peace between genders and destroy the divide between us and challenge those who are feeding from a system based on inequality.

FTR: What are your aspirations for the band? Do you consider music a viable career?

As a band we do more than just play music; we aim to become a platform for people, particularly young women, to share their voices and spread a message and be a part of change to come within society. We want to work with more women within the music industry as it’s still very male orientated due to the bias that it’s not what women are into, yet there are countless women who feel undermined by the industry. We hope to bring these women visibility and for people to start judging others on their work ethic rather on their gender and to stop taking unfair advantages of their positions.

FTR: Who, or what, inspires the music of Pussyliquor?

Our inspiration is drawn from the Earth, its inhabitants and what’s currently happening there. We are inspired by each other, talking of the hard experiences we’ve gone through before we were together and how we overcame them and sharing the experiences that challenged us after. All these things were unpleasant and avoidable and we feel the chance to prevent others from being put in a bad situation by sending the messages we never had through our music. Some of our songs may come from personal experiences, not all of them do – our songs centre around feminist issues, politics, empowerment and we intend to cover a wide spectrum of topics as we strive to make our music as inclusive as we think the world should be.

FTR: Why do you make music? Why not any other art form?

Music has been an active part of our lives and is where most of our passion lies, it’s an uncomfortable thought to think of ourselves doing anything else. Music takes multiple art forms, ones of performance and of writing, we find ourselves exercising in most of the art forms thanks to music. We are always drawing and painting things for PUSSYLIQUOR, making patches and bags, so music seems to give energy to the rest of our creations.

FTR: What can people expect from the Pussyliquor live show?

Audiences should prepare themselves to go on an emotional rollercoaster, to be greeted by a stage fuelled with infectious, highly concentrated energies of anger, happiness and female power. You can expect to find yourself roped into shouting profanities along with lots of smiles and laughter, then leaving with a sense of empowerment and passion to carry on our message and purpose.   

FTR: Do you enjoy the non-musical aspects of being in a band? Are videos, photos, image important to you?

Absolutely! Dressing up for photoshoots is great. We love coming up with ideas for photoshoots and videos, we aim to be making lots of videos in the future as we’d like to interact with our audience more. PUSSYLIQUOR is really quite fulfilling. Creating ideas for music videos is also really fun as there’s so many directions and possibilities we can take, lots of chances for everyone to get involved! We want to provide for our audience even whilst we’re not on stage so we try and make some visually stimulating content every chance we get.

FTR: How relevant is the original Riot Grrrl movement in 2017? Do you feel an association with the movement?

A lot of the issues women were facing during the 90’s are still relevant to the issues that we are facing today so in a sense it is, but we believe the Riot Grrrl movement was most relevant during the time it was happening as it was dealing with the current state of the world. We feel using the movement as an example today could be unproductive as a lot of the bands were nonexclusive towards men, which may have been necessary at the time but it isn’t now; we aren’t living in the 90s. As time changes so does the world and like them we must create a new movement that will help us progress and whilst we appreciate and admire the movement for creating a world for us to live in, we must practice modern feminism not that of decades ago. We didn’t start this band with intentions of being riot grrrls, if anything we call ourselves a punk band and are often labelled as riot grrrls.   

FTR: You’re based out of Brighton, what’s the scene like there at the moment? Is it a good place to be in a band?

Brighton’s music scene is ever fruitful and very much a community, live music is thriving here. There are many different circuits with all different types of music playing in different venues all over town every night of the week! It’s honestly a great place to be a band as there’s such a variety of gigs going on and there are venues that can provide for bands at all the stages, Brighton is a great place to start a band.

FTR: What’s next for Pussyliquor?

After our EP/7” release we hope to be working on more material as always, this including more songs, recordings, possibly compiling together a new EP or an album. We’re always sure to be doing something behind the scenes, no matter what it is, whether it makes it out to the public or not. Always stay productive. We’d like to start travelling more as well, dipping our toes into unknown territories and frightening some unsuspecting audiences. Look out for PUSSYLIQUOR, we may stop by in a town near you!  

Pussyliquor 7 Wonder is out December 8th via Revulva Records. Click HERE for more information on Pussyliquor.

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