[PREMIERE] Anamon – Smash

Hailing from Rochester in New York State, Anamon is the result of compressing the name of songwriter Ana Emily Monaco. A self-taught pianist and guitarist, Ana initially set out alone to write the songs that would go on to make Anamon’s debut album. Then in December last year, Ana, who has previously performed with the likes of Total Babes and Attic Abasement, decided she needed a rhythm section and recruited drummer, Aaron Mika, and bassist, Benton Sillick. Shortly after their debut performance, the band headed into the studio, and Stubborn Comfort was born. That album is due out tomorrow, and ahead of its release, today we’re sharing the new Anamon single, Smash.

All photos by Mike Martinez – http://mikemartinezphoto.com/

She may cite the influence of Bob Dylan, Billie Holiday and classic Country & Western, but on Smash, Anamon produced something all together less-polished. Smash fuses the excitement of early R&B, when the B still stood for blues, with Ana’s soulful croon. Their set up may be stripped back and minimal, but Anamon lack nothing in intensity or energy. Like the album it’s lifted from, Smash is a masterclass in beautiful simplicity, from a band with a very bright future.

Stubborn Comfort is out tomorrow. Click HERE for more information on Anamon.



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