[PREMIERE] Firestations – Build A Building

Since its formation in 2013, Lost Map Records, the label run by Johnny Lynch aka The Pictish Trail, has quietly been releasing some of the most intriguing music currently coming out of these shores. The latest act joining their roster, which features the likes of Ed Dowie and Rozi Plain, are London quintet Firestations. The band are set to put out their upcoming second album, The Year Dot, early in 2018, and are today sharing their new single, Build A Building.

FS press shot laughing
Photo and Header Photo by Clive Rowley

The band may work out of a small home studio in Walthamstow, resplendent with the background churn of the North Circular, but their DIY recordings are anything but lo-fi. Build A Building is a lush flourish of sound, breezy guitar lines, combine with lush sun-dripped melodies, and bursts of textural electronic noise. Firestations are masters of refined pop music, taking seemingly simplistic musical ideas and refining and developing them, until they morph into something beautiful and challenging.

Discussing the lyrical content of the track, the band have suggested it’s a track of escapism, of wanting to escape the feeling of being just a cog in a machine. Firestations offer a momentary respite from the often mundane nature of the every-day, a chance for four and a half minutes to drift away wherever your imagination takes you. If it’s all this good, with The Year Dot, Lost Map might just have found their most exciting record to date.

The Year Dot is out early in 2018 via Lost Map Records. Click HERE for more information on Firestations.

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