[VIDEO PREMIERE] Dakota Blue – Colossus

Dakota Blue is a songwriter from Los Angeles who’s just put out his new EP, Rodeo Knife. Much of that record, written in pool houses and in his head while he walks around his home city, sounds Californian to its core. In his woozy take on indie-pop you can picture the same sun-dappled swimming pools Hockney made famous. Today we’re premiering the video to one of the record’s biggest departures, Colossus.

dakota blue_credit priscilla mars4
Photo and header photo by Priscilla Mars – http://www.priscillamars.com/

Dakota Blue’s sound recalls the likes of Cross Record or Grizzly Bear at their most sedate. Unlike much of the record, Colossus is a darker, more downbeat piece, Dakota’s always impressive voice is to the fore, accompanied initially by minimal pulses of synth and the lightest touch of processed percussion. Latterly it subtly swells as additional vocals and distant strings enter; getting thicker and denser without ever going towards any sort of clichéd crescendo.

The accompanying visuals, seem to take bright imagery, and suck the colour from them, mirroring the tracks low-key subtlety. It’s a simple but hugely effective trick; which is a rather neat summation of Dakota Blue, an artist finding the beauty in the everyday and almost mundane: making real life sound this intriguing is a hugely impressive accomplishment.

Rodeo Knife is out now. Click HERE for more information on Dakota Blue.

One thought on “[VIDEO PREMIERE] Dakota Blue – Colossus

  1. Dakota Blue is an extremely talented musical artist. His work is definitely unique. He is my favorite musician of all the new and talented individuals in his generation.

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