Five Things We Liked This Week – 17/11/17

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5. Annie’s Back In The USSR

Without wishing to support child labour, we’re predicting good things for Toronto-teenagers Moscow Apartment. The duo, 14-year-old Brighid Fry and 15-year-old Pascale Padilla, recently released their self-titled debut EP, and have recently, with the support of The Unicorn Project, put out their video to stand-out track, Annie.

Annie is a track about body image, the way the media twist the minds of people, particularly young women, and often leave them struggling to meet unrealistic ideals. Musically, the intro builds around muted guitar strums and stunning harmonies, before exploding into a lo-fi brand of energetic grunge-thrashing. Recalling the likes of Girlpool or Waxahatchee, Moscow Apartment possess a lyrical depth far beyond their limited years: for this talented pair there’s no limit to where their music could take them.

Moscow Apartment EP is out now. Click HERE for more information on Moscow Apartment.

4. Anna Burch Is Just Asking 4 A Friend

It was only a matter of a few weeks back we featured Anna Burch, and already an awful lot has changed for the Detroit songwriter. Having recently announced her signing to  Heavenly Recordings, this week Anna has shared her new single, Asking 4 A Friend, the latest taste of her upcoming debut-album, out early next year.

Discussing the track, Anna recalls playing it to her mum, who one verse in concernedly enquired, “is this about drugs?”, a fact Anna denied, and continues to deny, “I told her it was a metaphor for going back to a bad, undefined relationship and she seemed satisfied with that”. The story behind the song aside, Asking 4 A Friend is a delightful slice of alt-rock, all buzzing Pavement like guitars, steady drum-beats and Anna’s nonchalant, country-tinged vocal, that recalls likes of Stef Chura or Jessica Lea Mayfield. This tack serves as another hugely promising offering: Anna Burch is shaping up to be one of 2018’s brightest newcomers.

Asking 4 A Friend is out now via Heavenly Recordings. Click HERE for more information on Anna Burch.

3. You Wished You’re Sorry

They formed back in 2015, and having recently signed to Domino, the profile of London’s Sorry look sets to go through the roof. The band, centered around Asha Lorenz and Louis O’Bryen, two 19 year-old childhood best friends, are set to release a double-A single next month, and have this week shared the first taste of it, Wished.

Sorry’s sound might be based around a traditional rock band set-up, but their influences are considerably more diverse. Growing up with music available on tap, rock, hip hop, noise, electronic soundscapes, grime and folk all sit side-by-side and without confusion. Wished is a fine example; two guitars pick out initially jarring guitar-lines that seem to drift in and out of time with one another; a technique latterly mirrored in Asha and Louis’ vocals, contrasting tones than walk a line between conflicting and harmonious. Sorry seem to have stumbled on a sound entirely their own, a young band doing something unique and incredibly exciting, there’s really no need for apologies, this is wonderful.

Wished/Lies is out December 15th via Domino. Click HERE for more information on Sorry.

2. The Spook School Are Never Less Than Perfect

Glasgow indie-pop heroes The Spook School are set to release their third album, Could It Be Different?, early next year, and have this week shared the second single from it, Less Than Perfect.

The track sees bassist Anna Cory take lead vocals for a full-throttle blast of nostalgic indie-pop, with a chorus to die for. Like much of The Spook School’s best material, Less Than Perfect is a recollection of youthful insecurities and learning to become comfortable with the person you are, even if that isn’t the person you thought you might be, as a cacophony of voices chime out as one, “teenage hopes are never less than perfect anyway”. On Could It Be Different?, The Spook School set out to acknowledge the difficulties in modern-day living, but equally refuse to give up on hope, finding positivity in hardship, and foregoing crying, when you could be dancing instead.

Could It Be Different? is out January 26th via Alcopop! Records (UK) and Slumberland Records (US). Click HERE for more information on The Spook School.

1. No Value In Moderate Rebellion

Having previously made waves with a number of well received singles and their debut EP, London post-psych collective Moderate Rebels are set to release their greatly anticipated debut album, The Sound Of Security, next month. Ahead of its release they’ve shared new single, When The Cost Has No Value.

Discussing the inspiration behind the track, the band credit the unusual influence of, “a load of overheard pub conversations, squashed into one song”, fused with the band’s sonic manifesto of, “using as few words and chords as possible”. The resulting track is a perfect example of the power of simplicity and moderation; a meandering piano is the only flamboyance here, accompanied by a wall of almost monotone vocals, buzzing keyboards and the steady rhythm of a drum machine. Like Oh Peas or Sauna Youth, Moderate Rebels seem to forego musical complexity in the pursuit of something all-together more primal, and sound all the better for doing so.

The Sound Of Security is out December 8th via Everyday Life Recordings. Click HERE for more information on Moderate Rebels.

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