[PREMIERE] The Tins – Clearly Not Zen

Hailing from the thriving music scene of Buffalo, New York, The Tins, have come a long way since starting life in a basement in Binghamton. The band have recently released their most fascinating record to date, in the shape of their new EP, City Lies. Produced at their own workshop, Mammoth Recordings Studio, the band’s new found freedom results in their most eclectic and ambitious release to date. Today we’re sharing the last single to be lifted from the record, Clearly Not Zen.

Describing the influences behind the song, The Tins suggest Clearly Not Zen is, “a song about not getting over the past.  It’s the “what if” apology that you’re too stubborn to make… yet as long as you keep it inside you’re kind of trapped in your thoughts… and you’re clearly not zen”. Featuring the vocal debut of drummer Dave Muntner, musically, Clearly Not Zen is a slinky beast, all reverberating bass and bright, meandering guitar flourishes. A fitting way to sign off a triumphant 2017 for the band, many years into their musical careers, The Tins have never sounded better.

City Lies is out now. Click HERE for more information on The Tins.

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