Christmas – A Mixtape by Fuzzystar

“It’s Christmas”, as Noddy Holder once declared with much enthusiasm, and while we remain suitably sceptical about how early it starts, how commercial it has become, and how many terrible, terrible Christmas songs exists – we’re looking at you Paul McCartney – we must admit we’re quite looking forward to it this year. So much so we’re having a bumper Christmas Eve extravaganza, with not one but two Christmas themed articles. Starting with this Christmas themed mixtape from Fuzzystar, which is the perfect soundtrack to everything from stuffing your face with mince pies to stuffing your face with port, or even, as we personally recommend, both.


Fuzzystar is the solo project of Edinburgh-based artist Andy Thompson. Continuing the loosely festive theme, the name Fuzzystar comes from Andy’s appreciation of both Mazzy Star and Big Star. Back in April, Fuzzystar released his debut album, Telegraphing, on the Satellite Sounds label, receiving a smattering of well deserved, excellent reviews.

Fuzzystar’s sound is a fusion of rambunctious indie-rock and thoughtful narrative driven songwriting, drawing comparison to both The Cribs and Sun Kil Moon. Discussing the inspiration behind the record, Andy has suggested Telegraphing is a record about, “love, loss, miscommunication, feelings of alienation or being disconnected. Telegraphing to communicate and also indicating something you may not already be aware of yourself, like the physical metaphor for it, often referred to in boxing”. 

Telegraphing is a bold and ambitious record, equally likely to follow Frightened Rabbit into stadium-sized acclaim or slip easily into place as a much-loved cult classic. Andy Thomson has been making music for a number of years but he’s never sounded as focused or intriguing as he does right now, he’s a (Fuzzy) star in the making.

Read on for Fuzzystar’s Christmas mega-mix featuring Flaming Lips, Eels and of course The Pogues.

1. Flaming Lips – Christmas at The Zoo

The Flaming Lips attempt to set the animals free for Christmas! We used to cover this at our London Christmas gigs.

2. Raveonettes – The Christmas Song

Dark, snowy, twangy phil-spector-y styled scandic Christmas.

3. Sea of Bees – Feliz Navidad

Acoustic-y version with warm electronic whirly noises.

4. Ron Sexsmith – Maybe This Christmas

Like the musical equivalent of all those cheesy Christmas films where they all make up just in time.

5. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band – Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

For the mental image of Bruce, Clarence and Little Stevie getting excited about Santa if nothing else.

6. Sufjan Stevens – Come On! Let’s Boogey to The Elf Dance!

This surely deserves it’s place for the title alone. The fact it’s basically an auditory snowglobe is the best bonus!

7. The Ramones – Merry Christmas I Don’t Want To Fight

Ok, it can’t all be Eggnog and elfs, so this is maybe a bit more realistic in some quarters.

8. Frightened Rabbit – It’s Christmas So We’ll Stop

A more realistic (and Scottish) Christmas perspective. See previous tune but with whisky and shortbread 😛

9. Eels – Everything’s Gonna Be Cool This Christmas

Not least for the line “Baby jesus, born to rock”.

…And of course, no Christmas compilation is complete without the definitive song

Telegraphing is out now via Satellite Sounds. Click HERE for more information on Fuzzystar. 

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