[PREMIERE] Panic Pocket – Don’t Get Me Started

Panic Pocket are Sophie and Natalie, in their own words, “long-term best-friends-forever”. The duo formed back in May last year to perform at the increasingly legendary First Timers-event at DIY Space for London: a festival for bands who have never previously played a show. Having previously played with the likes of Charla Fantasma and Suggested Friends, Panic Pocket are today releasing their debut single, Don’t Get Me Started, which we’re delighted to be premiering here.

Panic Pocket

Alongside B-side Front Teeth, Don’t Get Me Started is one of a number of tracks penned and recorded in Natalie’s bedroom, “between Sex And The City marathons”. Lyrically the two tracks seem to be twin thoughts on the same issue, ditching your useless partner when they’re bringing you down. Don’t Get Me Started warns us all of the hazards of “breadcrumbing”, a modern dating phenomenon, “when some chump who’s just not that into you leads you on and wastes your time”. The track finds Panic Pocket asking us all to “delete the misleading texts, throw away the creepy poems and take out the trash”.

Musically, on Don’t Get Me Started, Panic Pocket’s lo-fi bedroom sounds brings to mind the likes of Girlpool or early Frankie Cosmos, while the electro-tinged Front Teeth is the missing middle ground of Charmpit and Deerful, that surely everyone sensible has been waiting for. Panic Pocket are a band who are only just getting started, and with this pair of rough cut diamonds, the potential for creating something sparkling is clear to see.

Don’t Get Me Started is out today. Click HERE for more information on Panic Pocket.

Header photo by Becky Healey

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