[PREMIERE] Jim Andralis and the Syntonics – Shut Up Shut Up

Jim Andralis has been producing music for a number of years, first as accordion player and songwriter of, “gay post-punk cult sensations”, The Isotoners, and then as a regular feature at New York institution, Joe’s Pub’s Monthly Variety Show. Back in 2016, Jim stepped into the limelight, fronting a solo project alongside his beautifully harmonious backing band, The Syntonics. Together they released the excellent debut, Your Dying Wish Come True, and this week are releasing the follow up, Shut Up Shut Up, the title track of which we’re sharing here today.

Photo by Larry Krone – http://www.larrykrone.com/

Discussing the track, Jim has suggested it is about, well, wanting someone to shut up; as he explains, “when someone talks at me without leaving any space for me to respond, I usually find the whole experience annihilating and find myself wanting to murder them just so I can take a goddamn breath.” The track though also has a more crushing edge, existing as it does at the end of a relationship, as Jim puts it, “there’s real pain in there with a whisper of me being an actual dick.”

Musically, the track is reminiscent of the grandiose, theatrical-pop of acts like The Dears or Wolf Parade. Distantly energetic drums pick out a rapid marching beat, as pulses of bass, and slowly, unwinding guitar lines swell and break into waves of sound. The star of the show is the vocal interplay; Jim’s rich, baritone accompanied by the sweet harmonies of The Syntonics, equal parts Leonard Cohen and The Shangri-Las. The whole track builds to a tremendous crescendo of unadulterated rage, as they all repeat the line, “shut up, shut up, please shut up.” Describing the upcoming record Jim has suggested the aim was to create, “heartache you can tap your toe to”, if the title track is anything to go by, mission accomplished.

Shut Up Shut Up is out January 26th, with a launch show at Joe’s Pub. Click HERE for more information on Jim Andralis & The Syntonics.


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