[PREMIERE] Timatim Fitfit – Livin’ In The City (23rd)

Tim Cluff is a songwriter based out of Brooklyn, working under the pseudonym Timatim Fitfit, which is apparently a type of Ethiopian food, normally served for breakfast. Originally from Stevensville in Montana, Tim has been recording music for as long as he can remember, both solo and as a member of Gypsy-Cabaret quintet, Orphan Jane. The debut Timatim Fitfit album, The Sugar Man, came out last year, and today Tim is sharing the video to the latest single from the record, Livin’ In The City.


Livin’ In The City is a song about Tim’s re-location to New York, about dreaming of New York as a place where he could escape, “only to find ourselves trapped in a place where we can barely survive and must sacrifice our relationships and dreams in order to break even.” It is a song that grapples with the eternal question, should I stay, or should I go?

Musically, the track is the middle ground of The Dresden Dolls and The Mountain Goats; Tim’s emotive vocal accompanied by dramatic piano flourishes, wheezing accordions and steady, booming drum beats. The lyrics jump out like a series of postcards from Tim Burton, whether it’s the, “taxidermy in your basement” or, “the Pigeons all around me who don’t give a shit if my life has meaning or if I drown in it”, Tim’s world is one of struggling through, ultimately coming back to the repeated idea that, “maybe one day, we’ll move on.” 

The Sugar Man is out now. Click HERE for more information on Timatim Fitfit.

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