[PREMIERE] Easter Island Statues – Bow & Arrow

Easter Island Statues are a self-styled, “trumpet-rock trio”, hailing from Oxford. The band, who cite influences from Buddy Holly to Neutral Milk Hotel, released their debut EP, Why don’t you live in the garden?, back in December 2017, garnering attention from Tom Robinson amongst others. Today we’re sharing the video to the latest single from that record, Bow & Arrow.

EIS outside 1
Photos by Helen Messenger – https://www.helenmessengerphotography.com/

The dimly lit performance video is a fine accompaniment to the sort of energetic indie that has always existed in the dark recesses of DIY venues and sweaty rehearsal studios. The track is built on the frenetic energy of a wonderful rhythm section – the bass here is particularly thrilling – atop that, angular guitars, muted vocals and, yes briefly, trumpets, all shine.

Passionate, refined and really quite thrilling, Easter Island Statues remind us just how exciting indie-rock can still sound: maybe there’s plenty of life left in guitar music after all.

Why Don’t You Live In The Garden? is out now. Click HERE for more information on Easter Island Statues.


2 thoughts on “[PREMIERE] Easter Island Statues – Bow & Arrow

  1. @all for the rabbits, literally everyone you showcase is WHITE, maybe you should feature some remotely diverse creatives?

    1. Not everyone is white, but I can’t argue that the majority are, I would love to cover more diverse artists. I do my best to not discriminate on grounds of race, gender, sexuality, but only on music I like. Sadly race is probably the most difficult on a site that largely covers indie, punk, lo-fi, Americana, which are heavily over represented with white artists. It’s an issue far bigger than just me writing this blog but one that as part of a wider culture needs addressing. Blogs, labels, festivals, we all need to do more to address the lack of non-white representation in these genres.

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