[PREMIERE] The Gays – No Love In The Village

The Gays are a loose collective with an unclear membership list, fronted by Montreal’s William Riley. This Friday marks the release of their debut album, and manifesto, The Agenda. Describing themselves as, “the figurehead of a dying monarchy run amok”, The Gays claim to have “been elected by The Community to represent the songs of our people”. Today we’re sharing the band’s latest offering, No Love In The Village.

Photos by Sarah Bradshaw

On the hugely versatile record that is The Agenda, No Love In The Village stands out as a moment of quiet contemplation. William’s vocal, equal parts Wayne Coyne and Sufjan Stevens, sits atop a gorgeous backing of dreamy synths and distant, fluttering beats. The track is a masterclass in slowly building emotion, like those heartbreaking, quiet Yeah Yeah Yeahs masterpieces or Talking Heads at their most muted.

The track is The Gays analysis of infighting within the gay community, about how the struggles for equality hasn’t always brought people together, as Will puts it, “we made our own village to be cruel to each other in”. The track stands out as the stunning downbeat core at the heart of The Agenda, partly a plea for a community to come together, partly an acceptance of the very nature of people; however you read it, No Love In The Village is a powerful and hugely exciting piece of songwriting from a very talented new voice.

The Agenda is out February 14th. Click HERE for more information on The Gays.

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