[PREMIERE] Sailing Stones – Into Space

Those of a keen memory will recall back in November we shared the title track of Sailing Stones’ upcoming EP, She’s A Rose. That release, the debut offering from Bristol-based, half Irish/half Swedish, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Jenny Lindfors, is out now on Keep Her Lit, and today we’re sharing the latest track lifted from that record, Into Space.

Sailing Stones promo Into Space.jpg
Photo by Aubrey Simpson – http://www.aubreysimpson.co.uk

Into Space is both musically and lyrically inspired by Jenny’s vision of, “a person losing gravity and drifting out into space from the safety of their planet”. Musically, the track is a rich sonic collage; building from steady echoing pianos and distant percussion, it creaks into life, as backing vocals swirl around Jenny’s rich Marissa Nadler-like lead line. The antithesis of the dense, modern-pop production styles, this is music where everything is given room to breathe, where space is as important as sound, inhabiting a similar head space to the likes of Brian Eno or Pink Floyd.

The track culminates with a mesmeric guitar solo, courtesy of Massive Attack collaborator Steve Jackson; a moment pictured by Jenny as representing, “the thrill and terror of being free and liberated from a cosy, safe (but also limiting) place”. In many ways, Into Space is an ode to leaving your comfort zone far behind, a thrilling freedom that Sailing Stones, like most of the best musicians, seems very happy embracing.

She’s A Rose is out now via Keep Her Lit. Click HERE for more information on Sailing Stones, and check out the tour dates below.

Sailing Stones tour flyer.jpg

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