[PREMIERE] Aimee Lay – Black Thoughts

Aimee Lay was raised in Manhattan Beach in California. As the children of a Korean mother and a Chicago born European father, Aimee and her brother found assimilating into the community difficult, and as a result retreated into the comfort of their parents record collection. Inspired by the 60’s Mod-scene, Flower Power and the British Invasion, Aimee took to a life of riding her Vespa, visiting vintage clothes shops and making music of her own. Aimee formed her first band aged eighteen, played guitar, bass and organ with numerous LA bands, and recently released her debut solo album, The Other Side Of You. Today we’re premiering the video to the latest single from that record, Black Thoughts.

aimee lay

While Aimee is quick to acknowledge the music that inspired her as a teenager, what’s most intriguing listening to Black Thoughts, is how easily she has found a sound of her own. The chugging drive of electric guitars is accompanied by bright, The Doors-like organs and lo-fi, mod-flavoured drum beats. The vocal is a delight; there’s a touch of Marianne Faithful or Juanita Stein, to the tone, while the production is perfect, warm and a little fuzzy without ever sounding over processed. Sure Aimee’s sound is a little retro, but this is no pastiche of a bygone era, this is an artist putting their own spin on a sound they love and making something new and very exciting.

The Other Side Of You is out now via Respectful Lust Records. Click HERE for more information on Aimee Lay.

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