[PREMIERE] Girl Colors – Impossible Days

Hailing from Fort Wayne in Indianapolis, Girl Colors exist as a one band advert for the power of “musicians wanted” adverts. They formed in the summer of 2016, when guitarist Nick Walmer returned from Portland, and posted an advert on Craigslist, his call was answered by bassist, Kyle Spears and percussionist, Kyle Smith. The first taste of the band’s music will emerge next month with the release of their debut EP, Japanese Roses, and today we’re premiering their new single, Impossible Days.

Photos by John Wagner

Impossible Days is a masterclass in summer melancholy. The guitar seems to wash gently by, like a river meandering through the landscape, glittering in the sunlight, beautiful but wistfully aimless. The vocal seems to almost creek into life, as Nick sings, “This old town has driven me to madness, oh how she moves, she hypnotises with sadness, please don’t take my feelings away, I’ve drifted towards an impossible day.” 

Musically, Impossible Day is a track that doesn’t feel in any rush to get anywhere, choosing instead to revel in its quiet melancholy, letting easy drums and ambling bass drift along and gently evolve around the omnipresent guitar. Like the middle ground of Ultimate Painting and The Magnetic Fields, this is the sort of perfect, shuffling indie-pop that is never in or out of fashion, instead it is just quietly, timelessly brilliant.

Japanese Roses is out April 14th. Click HERE for more information on Girl Colors.


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