[PREMIERE] Grace Gillespie – Restoration

Originally from Devon, and now based out of London, Grace Gillespie is probably best known currently as a touring member of the 4AD signed Pixx. However, off the back of some well received demos, Grace is now stepping out solo, and today we’re premiering the video to her latest single, Restoration.


The video cost an impressively minimal £15 to shoot, all of which was spent on the jumpsuit Grace wears. Everything else, even the face paint, left over from her touring days with Pixx, was acquired and shot for nothing. Showing you don’t need a huge budget if you’ve got a good idea.

Musically, Restoration is a beautifully subtle piece of songwriting. The warm echoing guitars bringing to mind the likes of The Low Anthem or Bon Iver, while Grace’s multi-tracked vocals have the same assured quality of Laura Marling, fused with the raw intimacy of Elle Mary & The Bad Men. Lyrically, it’s something of a plea for clarity as Grace sings, “tell me please, your expectations of me, for I cannot be all of your imagined me’s”, throughout it feels downbeat, but quietly steely, Grace unwavering in wanting her freedom from this fading relationship. A hugely promising introduction, Grace Gillespie is a talent on the rise.

Restoration is out now on Kaleidoscope. Click HERE for more information on Grace Gillespie.

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