[PREMIERE] Lindsey Mills – What Is A Weed?

She may be best kept busy as the bassist in the critically acclaimed Surfer Blood, yet Lindsey Mills has always found time to pursue an intriguing solo career. A native of South Florida, Lindsey began self-releasing music over a decade ago, culminating in 2016’s super Cusp EP. Now teaming up with a rotating cast of musicians, dubbed The Lazy Lovers, Lindsey is set to release her new album Ecotones, due later this year on the label she co-manages, Salt Witch Records. Today we’re premiering the video to the album’s first single, What Is A Weed?

lindsey-polaroid (8 of 9)-photo by Liam Milano.jpg
Photo by Liam Milano

Discussing the track, Lindsey has suggested it is a song that attempts to explore the arbitrary cut off point between plants and weeds, “because aren’t I a weed sometimes?” The track’s musing on the arbitrary nature of flora serves as a metaphor for how women are treated by society. “This song is about women taking up space. This song is about my personal liberation, and the realization that I am a part of the grander liberation of women everywhere. Whether you’re in deep wilderness, a sprawling suburb or New York City, plant beings labeled reductively as weeds burst through every nook and cranny left untended. Their resilience is their strength.”

The track is a beautiful blurring of shuffling retro-pop and more modern alt-rock, recalling acts like Vivian Girls or Anna Burch. There’s a playfulness to the music matched in both the celebration of womanhood that is the delightful video and the lyrics, as Lindsey sings, “landscape all you like, but she’ll go pushing up daisies, because what is a weed anyway?” as the backing vocals chant in unison, “can’t fence her in.” A powerful message delivered with a waggish wink, Lindsey Mills makes a statement without even needing to raise her voice.

Ecotones is out later this year on Salt Witch Records. Click HERE for more information on Lindsey Mills.

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