[PREMIERE] LosFeliz – Dove

The name might sound like something from the Southern-states of America, but LosFeliz is actually the work of Brighton-based songwriter, Lucy Powell. The debut LosFeliz record, Ancestry, came out last year on the Union Music Store label, and today we’re sharing the final video from the record, for the track Dove.

Photo by Jo Baston 

Dove traces Lucy on a trip back to her ancestral home in the Brecon Beacons. The track was recorded in the chapel around which many of her deceased relatives were buried. The feeling of merging a yearning for progress with a response of her own history is key to the songs tone, as she sings of leaving the present behind in the search for some deeper experience.

Musically too, Dove seems to offer some escapism, as the perfectly melodious vocals seem distant, almost removed, as a prominent, lo-fi guitar line claims the foreground. Clever layering of voices and instrumentation take the track on a series of swells and fades, at times building to the point where words are almost lost, at others falling down and putting Lucy firmly in the limelight. Superbly recorded, intriguingly produced and expertly written, there’s an awful lot to like about LosFeliz.

Ancestry is out now via Union Music Store. Click HERE for more information on LosFeliz.

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